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This is RPG Online! It is my first project and a solo endeavor. It is a classic JRPG turn based game with online PvP! Have you ever wanted to take your Earthbound, or Final Fantasy character and fight against other people online? Then this is the project for you!

This game is currently in Early Access so some features are not integrated yet (IE. Equipment, Appearance, etc.). The core game is all there and yes the online PvP function works just fine. However due to a lack of interest on Patreon I haven't had the money to maintain the servers, so the online matchmaking is currently down. It only costs about $20/month to get the servers back up and running, so if you're interested check out the Patreon and share with your friends! That being said the offline battle mode works just fine and you will have access to all the skills and abilities with more on the way!

Thank you for your interest in the project,

RPG Online Dev

What's the easiest way to convert some of these graphics to a Nineslice? Is there a program? Awesome assets, btw.

Hi there are can I alter these if used in a game I plan to release for free to play on Steam? Alter as in adjust the hue.

Are these only for use in RPG Maker or can I use them in GameMaker Studio 2 if I'm planning to release a free to play on Steam eventually