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Excellent, j'étais vraiment pris dedans ! J'ai même été un peu stressé  je crois et pour me rassurer je me suis dit "nan, mais ça doit être le Père Noël qui essaie de rentrer dans la maison"  😂

I found 3 different ways to reach the last room, none of them allowing me to finish… Damn, that's hard.

Every time I get the "big move slow ammo" I die.

I've published a quick & dirty ultra minimalist tool to export one's localStorage as a JSON file and import it on the new domain later.

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save-game isolation is important. 

  • Some simple engines don't allow the author to change the save "id" and those saves clash between different games. 
  • localStorage is limited per domain (5 or 10 MB depending on the browser) so one game can reach the limit and cause issues for all other games
  • if one clears the localStorage to solve an issue with a game, it clears it for all games 

Vanity URL are indeed not needed but somewhat unique URLs are.

"Only 2% of people can play this game."
Thank for the fix!

Thanks, it works now!

I also have this problem.
All I can see for now is a parked domain with ad links :-(
I'd love to play your game!

When I click on "Play now", I'm sent to a parked domain with ads and no game :-(