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So happy that I decided to download this game. I had a blast with it. A bit on the shorter side but short games are charming as well : ) So it's perfect for someone who wants to play but doesn't have time to dedicate themselves 

Like another comment said, it didn't have quick time events so if you're a person who can't handle them then don't worry. It has other puzzles! Kept dying on the last one because apparently I can't count squares haha

Anyway, great game, great character art and an entertaining story 

The atmosphere of the first chapter was great, my fingers tensed whenever I thought I was going to be chased.

The mystery behind the death is fascinating, can't wait to see the other chapters : )

The art style is great and the puzzles are entertaining! I especially enjoyed the overall story.  It was fun trying to figure out what's going on and then feeling the emotions when you reach the end.

Since I'm someone who really tries not to miss anything, I click on everything so I think I may have done some actions before I was meant to but it didn't cause a glitch or anything : ) 

Again, it was really fun !

I did't look at the tags of the game so I was learning everything about the relationship aspect along with Elise which was fantastic!

The game itself was entertaining (albeit sad) and the atmosphere build-up was great. There are enough hints thrown around to help the player figure some things in advance.

I was actually looking over the game files when I happened upon some interesting pictures, for example 'S's room'. It's probably just early concepts but it was fun to look at, especially since I have grown to love every single character : )