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Mine comment is missing.



Suits the character.

Hated humour.

Ic share the point.

Ic thinkes and wanteth the same.

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It is supposed beeing of a far greater difficulty being old-school, he still adapted it to the "modern" players to admirable extent, knowing this thou haebbe no reason complaining.

There is no ending to thine sentence.

I would never pay for a video game. People better make it out of passion and love or not at all, with money, bad people get the idea of well living by simply doing what sells.

Ic liketh not the relationship for Ava being a brat and for Mother Tiabata not cutting it down.

Missing a full stop.

One of such comments is good to have

Ic haebbe gotten that too.

At least give it an exclamation mark.

We needeth not these comments here, it is already well publicised, in order of sorting, not overwhelming the creator and readers - only constructive comments.

A beautiful comment, a beautiful person!

I hated the humour.

I do share the point. Yet, it is not about personality when she is average human, I needeth her as a genius so people to relate.

Thine text is missing a full stop. The breaking Ic noticed ne.

Mister Daniel, thine text is missing a full stop. Or is it by intentions?

What was the last part you talked about?

I do share the point there, I feel the same. I am feeling good sharing this.

I do share the point.

Ic ne understandest, it is structured funnily.

Nigga, wow! This is amazing!

Well, I want this, I want update.

As thou shall.

Nonsense! Impossible, taxes every twenty seconds!

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Easily one of the best video games.
But the dick and balls are so small, I am not even sure if he is them.

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Ic can nat bylde smeltery, for Ic have but two stanes.

Robote steleþ.

Pleasant, very long waiting time entering the deeper waters.

Absolutely beautiful, I want much, much more of it!

I had a problem entering the door on level 7, did not work until I left and re-entered (the door, not the level), I like these atmospheric video games, but cliche, the last level is fun.

I am still waiting for the update, will it be?

"Homophobic", that is not a phobia, such a phobia does not exist, it is a hate and disgust, either you did not know or you should not be talking about writing nice.

Beautiful, too difficult.

That is true.

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Maybe endless loop when choosed an upgrade after levelling up and holding a fire with Charging Trigger, I played only with a shotgun, the video game stops.

Also it is braindead that I take damage when they hit the air.

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I voted for this video game on the list below.

P.S.: The video game is super hard. I did not win the first level, I tried many times.