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True haha, but it was a sort of habit that I kept forgetting I only had 3. Then I had to pull out the eraser

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1. Ouch lol, yeah like everything else hindsight or further time would have led to these discoveries but since I only had one night I went with the first solutions I saw.

2. This is one of the ones I realized once I was done and had a clear head

3. Mm thats interesting, not sure how that would work since theres no transparency but if you happen to find more info I'd love to know more about it. Maybe they just had save states instead of layers, parts of my process involved drawing over my previous stuff and erasing.

Yeah haha, initially I thought that too. I remember in 96-98 when I was a kid and I drew and printed artwork from paint. I used to make a lot of lines and fill in the gaps. True visionary...

But the reality was far from it, trying to do what I do in PS nowadays was pretty rough. Fun, but rough

I downloaded the original paint for this challenge for extra "fun"

glad to hear you had fun with it :)

haha thanks mate :)

Rated :)

Thanks for the kind words :) 

Thanks man :)

haha nice, thats def a positive experience

teach me lol, now that you say that I really missed clipping masks and not being able to add textures. I think that was the worst thing D:

fun game man, glad it got listed after all

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never again. 

jokes aside, was a pretty fun handicap but really tedious. Here's the funniest things I didn't imagine that would be part of the handicap of using the old school paint.

  1. To set the dimensions of the project I had to drag the corner and check out the numbers on the bottom right, pinpoint accuracy just to get my correct dimensions
  2. I made my palette outside of paint, and when it was time to import it I had to manually set the 3 RGB values  for each color because there was no hex. Then I realized that my custom colors didn't even show up in the bottom bar xD So I had to open that back from the menu bar  each time I wanted to choose a color.
  3. 3 Undos, crazy how even after the first time I constantly forgot this was a thing
  4. Weird bug with a wacom tablet where it didnt draw straight away
  5. No hotkeys, had to switch tools from the toolbar D:
  6. Although I knew I had no layers I had actually forgotten how much I depend on them. I had to treat some stuff like paper, where I drew over sketches and cleaned it up and some other things I had to make a reference for myself so I could get a clean idea of what I was making.

How was your experience with paint?

Also here's an early wip

thanks :)

Thanks for the feedback :)

Thank you :)

nice pong game!