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Well, gotta have something that doesn't quite meet expectations every now and then I suppose. Thanks for sharing it!

I think it can have some good uses. ^-^

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For about 2 days now I haven't been able to claim something on due to a failed connection to my Patreon account. It has been working fine until 6 days ago and I haven't performed any changes on my side. Today I tried to disconnect the Patreon account but now when I try to reconnect it, I get the same error as when I was trying to claim something. The exact error I get is:

failed api request GET oauth2/api/current_user 401: {"errors":[{"code":1,"code_name":"Unauthorized","detail":"The server could not verify that you are authorized to access the URL requested. You either supplied the wrong credentials (e.g. a bad password), or your browser doesn't understand how to supply the credentials required.","id":"aff9cb27-1664-5f74-803c-18309e802a3a","status":"401","title":"Unauthorized"}]}"

I am logged in the Patreon account in the same browser and even had the page opened in a tab in the same window with the same result. Any tips what I could try to get it to work?

UPDATE: after a tip from the creator, I tried logging in to claim the pack through my phone's browser - it worked fine there (though despite authenticating my Patreon account there, it is still not listed as linked in my settings page). Not sure how useful this is, but it seems this is an issue others have experienced as well.

Glad to hear everything is back to normal Aekashics ^-^

I'm personally pretty excited to hear that Pixbattler and Librarium NPCs are coming back O3O

Stay safe

I must say, this is quite the improvement to the original MV overworld tileset.

I would like to throw out a suggestion for a possible sequel - would be awesome to have a follow-up with more locations based on your other themed tilesets.

Oh I was actually just curious if it was intentional or not, no worries. :)

It's a fairly simple edit so I already made a quick mix of it and the other A2 set on my side. Thanks for the fast reply by the way! ^-^

Quick question about the wedding addon -> I noticed that one of the files - A2 - seems to be either mislabeled or there is something missing in the file. I'm assuming the idea is to have the base Cathedral tileset and just replace A2, A4 and B sheets however that way you endup without anything for the ground. Is the A2 wedding sheet actually supposed to go on a different image layer?

I have a feeling this one might work great with the underwater effect I managed to get my hands on a while back, been meaning to make a dungeon like that for a while now.

Awesome, thanks! ^-^

Is the plugin compatible with RPG Maker MV?

"Fanservice" element? o3o

Seriously though, looking forward to the next expansions, really digging the designs in this one ^-^

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>"I will fix you with this stick!"

>proceeds to hit people with it

I love her design! ^-^

I just gotta say - that gif is just awesome (applies to all 6 of these)