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Stay safe

I must say, this is quite the improvement to the original MV overworld tileset.

I would like to throw out a suggestion for a possible sequel - would be awesome to have a follow-up with more locations based on your other themed tilesets.

Oh I was actually just curious if it was intentional or not, no worries. :)

It's a fairly simple edit so I already made a quick mix of it and the other A2 set on my side. Thanks for the fast reply by the way! ^-^

Quick question about the wedding addon -> I noticed that one of the files - A2 - seems to be either mislabeled or there is something missing in the file. I'm assuming the idea is to have the base Cathedral tileset and just replace A2, A4 and B sheets however that way you endup without anything for the ground. Is the A2 wedding sheet actually supposed to go on a different image layer?

I have a feeling this one might work great with the underwater effect I managed to get my hands on a while back, been meaning to make a dungeon like that for a while now.

Awesome, thanks! ^-^

Is the plugin compatible with RPG Maker MV?

"Fanservice" element? o3o

Seriously though, looking forward to the next expansions, really digging the designs in this one ^-^

(1 edit)

>"I will fix you with this stick!"

>proceeds to hit people with it

I love her design! ^-^

I just gotta say - that gif is just awesome (applies to all 6 of these)