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Ok tried it again and most of the time it doesnt work, it doesn't detect the games and I guess chrome. I recently switch to Opera GX because a better browser than chrome. And what surprised me is that on the stats, it detects Opera GX keywords not chrome. I'll try experimenting to try making it work.

Didn't work for me too. Didn't detect the huge amount of pirated games on my disk:D. And what's surprising is that it did not detect the degeneracy of my browser history which I'm glad it did not detect and also sad that it did not detect it. No idea why it did not work but I guess a small patch could fix the issue.

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I encountered a bug. There are times that the horse doesn't spawn in the cave and I am stuck inside the gate and the only way out is to quit to menu.

Edit: There's another where your camera is stuck to zoom in and the only to reset is to have sex. I did not press zoom in, it just did it by itself.

The awaited sequel has come! (Literally!)

when is the next update coming?

yikes. It's almost as bad as YouTube botted comments.

You know, in every nsfw games that I come across in itch, there is always those comments who asks for the apk/android version.

Some of them sternly said no because it's a waste of time or they lack skills to port it to mobile but some of them obliged or already has planned to turn it into apk.

However, being tricked to do the apk version is just irritating to just witness.

Hello StarDragon, what happened to your game The Shark's Bathhouse? I really liked the game and I just found out its gone.

I hope you make a comeback, we'll be waiting for your return. =)

Question: Is the cum animation added?

The game crashed when I fought the big lady.

There's a bug where if you use the special healing ability and there's a downed enemy on top you and press up/down to interact with them, it cancels the special and fucks that downed enemy. The healing from the special is also cancelled and you get the heal from the enemy instead.

Very easy to replicate!


I really thought the game is dead, glad that its back with more content.

Is there like a way to still have the images without the internet?

does the game have any ending?

That's some big upgrades you got there! Worth the wait. :3

Please be safe.

What is the difference on normal and supporter version?

I suggest every third punch is a strong punch. Like one - two are weak punches which is he last gif, then third punch is the 4th gif.

I'm still not sure about my sexuality but I think I might bisexual. But there's a twist, I'm not attracted to normal male, only those with a feminine looks or you could call it a trap. I'm not attracted to real life traps, only 2d ones.

Weirdly enough, I had crushes on my tomboyish classmates when I was still in highschool.

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This keeps popping up and its annoying and can't play it in the new update. How do I fix it? Its on andriod btw. My phone is a Samsung Galaxy j2 Prime  G532G/gs.

If you saved Cassie, she can help you cure your hangover.

But if you haven't done that, what I did was I kept walking back and forth for a long period of time until it passes which is very time consuming.

So next time, save Cassie first then you can get drubk all you want. Woohooo!!!

Is there a wiki guide there Blue? There are somethings that I may not know and I want to know about it.

If your new neighbors ends up being Karens or entitled people, tell us.

Hello again Indiv. I dunno what happened to the game but it keeps glitching out. I don't what I did but I think its because I updated several apps. Maybe the cause was the Android Webview new update and I don't know how to fix it.

It just keeps glitching to that and normal. In the game, it shows the game is tiny and inverted. Its literally unplayable.

I tried resolving it by installing it again. It did not work.

I tried to uninstall it costing me my save files and reinstall it again. But still it did not work.

I dunno what cause the game to break but I think its probably the updates.

Where do we find the bat lady?

Harem ending possible?

Hi Indiv, do you plan on adding more types of penis? And like how the npcs are gonna react to it when they have intercourse?

There's a canine dick there but what if you could knot them? That could annoy Sammy because she works on the bath or shower after fighting her. Or the horse dick where its a bit too tight for Cassie but she gets it in. Many opportunities there.

And will there be a marriage system?

Hey indiv, is it safe to update your ggame with the new version? I always uninstall the game then install its new version because the game devs from other games say it because the game will be broken when you do that.

I really want to update it because I don't wanna start from scratch again.

Good luck!

When is the new public build coming out? I also hope that the deflect mechanic is better in the new build.

Yo indiv! I have encountered a bug with Bell on the mobile version.

It said the Bell's image is missing and when I press retry, it pops up again. I keep repeating to progress the text until the scene ends but its still popping up.

Thanks to autosave, I load back in and I got past that bug. That was really annoying.

Another annoying thing is getting drunk then the next day, the hangover. I can't sleep on most beds except Cassie's safehouse. I have no idea how to cure hangover quickly so I just walked around till it goes away. So is there a quick cure for it?

Room tour? Jk!

Good luck to your new apartment!

Inventory and shops, I'm more interested in this part. I wonder what are the things you could buy and pick up.

Any news on the public build?

Will there be new equipments on the new planet and new mechanics? I'm excited for the new planet update.

Merry Christmas Indiv! And advanced Happy New Year!

Thank you so much for this wonderful Christmas present! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!