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I hope AshThick is okay, there hasn't been any activity from them for a few months.

I can't wait until the next update! This is such an amazing and calming game!

This is a really creepy but cool game, 100% would play this again.

Thanks, I'll try doing that.

I am very confused on how to finish the game.

This is a fantastic game. Great job.

Very good music, art, plot, and character build. This is a phenomenal game and I am quite impressed. Fantastic job. 

I have the same problem.

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This is a very good game, it was fun to find out both endings and all the secrets. And I love the music. The art is nice also, good job! 100% would play this again.


Omg I seriously didnt notice that! Wow. That explains everything.

I was going through games with the horror tag and I see this and I click it, curious about why it seems the opposite of scary but it has the horror tag, never in a million years would I have guessed that this was scary by just the title and pic. But boy was I wrong. Super scary, the kinda maze thing made me kinda claustrophobic but it just added to the freaky feel of the game. I literally have the chills from this game. Great job! 

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I'm sorry but the music is very distracting and awful(please whoever reads this don't yell at me, this is my opinion), I had to mute it, but other than that it's an ok game. 

This is a nice game, the music is calming and nice and it really brings out creativity.


I played the whole game and it is such fantastic game, the characters and storyline are phenomenal! Fantastic job to everyone who made this game. 100% will play this again.


The only thing I would change about it is there should be an option for arrow keys. I'm not used to using w a s d for rhythm games. 

Lol my same reaction the first time I played the game.

You'll find the sequence if you back away during the simon says game and then block and copy the text on the side and run it through a decoder. You should get a diary entry say what you need to press in what order during the hide and seek game and once you click the sequence you will also get a clue to the true ending.

Thank you! 

Such a great game, it keeps me busy and very interested, can't wait until the next update

This is such a calming and great game. The music and art are beautiful and I like how there's a small challenge with every instrument you find. Great job!

Yes, crabs really do live in staplers. 

This is a nice game, weird but pretty fun!

This game is so cute! It's sad that Goldie had to die though.

This is a cool and creepy game! It's a great game

Nice game! Both endings are great!

I got so scared when I was going down the hallway but when there was just the man I literally laughed, that's a great game that gives off a creepy but kinda relaxing vibe.

So creepy but good!

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My dog passed away not long ago. This made me feel like he's watching over me and there for me. Omg I'm crying but this game is amazing.

No, her dad is dead, so technically in the true ending her soul is free and her soul will go to her dad's soul in the afterlife. Also during the secret room part you click a sequence of things there and the tv will show her getting hit by a car. So technically she does die.

How in the world do you get the secret ending??? I have tried everything and I have gotten all the other endings but not the secret one! Can someone help me pls.

This is a beautiful game. Great job.