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These are really fun!  I think it would be nice to see more character archetype in this style.  Like Druid/Bestial, Shaman/Witchdoctor, Pirate/Sailor, Cultist/Warlock...

I like what you are doing here, the first sword looks best.  I think using simple weapon shapes would give the best results for this style.

More complicated ones can work, but I feel they would need a normal sprite to go with them.  With a normal sprite, one could layer the effect over it for a magical shine or sheen.  Alternatively one could mask out the hilt and guard giving the blade a magical or lightsaber feel to it.

Looks good.  Wouldn't mind seeing them separated into layers so we can more easily make more button states. Like Pushed, Unpushed, Highlighted, On/Off.

Care to elaborate?

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So... are the images in the gallery just ideas?  Because they are not in the asset pack.

Follow-up question:  Was AI used to make the images in the gallery or assets?

Will this pack become available?

I like the different pulsing patterns.  I wouldn't mind seeing more patterns applied to your earlier work.

Why is the Infected Mouse in both the free and the supporter packs?  Does the supporter pack include more animations for it or something?

Part E is the best color pallet for these.  It gives a very bronze or copper like border for buttons or 9-sliced into panels.  Part F is also really good for its silver or pewter color.  I wouldn't mind seeing more metallic hues, like gold.

Keep up the good work.

This is great.  I hope to see more of it.

Thanks for the icons!  I especially like number 19 (the fuse lit bomb) and 20 (the Molotov cocktail).

Real good job on these.

I like these.  I think they could see use placed over icons of differing shapes as a flash to show an ability is ready.

Is that a signature at the bottom of icon 22?

You are Awesome!  These shall surely be useful!

Nice work.  I kinda wish there were more steps of fill as well as an empty version though.

Nicely done, it reminds me of the stages from the game "Impossible Mission" on the C64.

Thanks, these are neat.  Surprised you didn't include any of the blue or red fills though.

I really like number 50.  The skull with gold teeth and coins has alot of personality!

I really like number 34.

These look great!  You may want to watermark your sample though.

These look neat.  I think people would find them more useful if they were individual sprites or files though.  Preferably on a transparent background.

I am happy to follow the spirit in which you presented how you would like your sound files used.  Thank you for clarifying.  Its a shame really, some of those stingers would have made lovely attention grabbing alerts within the World of Warcraft addon systems.

While I am no lawyer, I don't think the Creative Commons license really fits with what you want done with your files. 

Thanks for your time.

Salutations, I know you stated that you would just like credit for using your sounds in a game however I was wondering if we could get more clarification.  Did you have a particular license in mind for these files?

If not, would you be ok with the files being distributed 'as is' within a zip?  Like in an Addon for World of Warcraft for example.

These are great!  Do the baked spritesheets have the same lightbleed or glow as displayed in the example gifs?

Thank you!

These are pretty neat.  Is the brown/amber color option in the thumbnail available as well?

These are pretty great, they have that old Macintosh point and click feel to them.  Are there some frames missing in the sprite sheet?  The gif preview seems to have more for the eyes.

Delightful!  Thank you kindly.

These are pretty great.  I especially like the banners!  I kinda wish the torches were on a transparent background so you could freeform place them.

It looks kinda like a guy who is looking up and then his hair starts receding....