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Take your time. We can wait, and it's definitely worth it

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I've played through the demo and it felt awesome. I've wanted to play full version someday so much... And here comes the Ukraine bundle. The game intro is so good!! I'm already fully into the game vibe.

Edit: played first dreams and I'm starting to recall the vibe from the prequel game. The hand-crafted enviroments are truly beautiful! I really wish you all the best in development, and I hope you will get rewarded for this masterpiece ;) btw are there any secret deeper worlds? I'm pretty sure there were some dreams that were optional in the previous game. How about the lava CEO for example? was it required for the story?

I've loved every single your project and this one is as awesome as the others!!

Okay! That was awesome. I was really scared after the first monster encounter. It's so silent and dark that I wasn't sure if this thing was randomly walking in the mine, or disappeared after the encounter :P The only weird thing - the menu with TV is really GPU-intensive. No idea why

Even tho it's short, the vibe and environment is done very well. Helped me to relax a bit.. well.. a bit. :P definitely gonna check your other games

Very possible I've already rated this after playing some months ago but it's clearly an awesome game.. the spaces feel kind of liminal, and the journey itself is calming and unnerving at once. Definitely recommend! Doesn't even take too long to finish. I love such vibes, and handcrafted dream worlds

I love the vibe <3 A calm starry night and a farm in the middle of nowhere. That guy was very creepy and definitely scared me for the first time :D Instantly following you. Good luck...

A small horror game just for learning purposes? Damn :D This game was really good, sadly the area was small and the game wasn't long but the wall hand jumpscares scared me a lot! I loved that smooth jumpscare in the elevator... Btw where was the lever? I think I've accidentally picked it up but I still don't know where it was

I agree with others; The game could be kind of better without that jumpscare but the storyline was incredible.

I see you're really happy about those reviews so I'll drop something nice too :D Well, from the technical side the game is kinda badly optimized. For my eye it's because of the tree count. Got around 40FPS on potato with RX 580 (~gtx 1660) graphics card... That's not a problem anyways... The game itself really shows something. Also, I feel kinda stupid to ask, but was the game about uh.. violence in family? or something? I'm not perfect at English, and espeicially at listening. What did actually happen there?

WOOW this is awesome. got it on sale or something months ago and I've realized it's waiting for me in the library. The mechanics are really original and funny :D

Pozdrawiam z FB, o ile gry mi się nie pomyliły.. If you're not that polish person then uh bye xD

Done very well, the atmosphere was awesome.. and the playtime is perfect. It was really scary at the basement part but I was recording a random video of it just BECAUSE YES for my friend and she couldn't see I'm so easily scared so I acted like it's normal. Good job on that game!

Wow! this gave me such a weird nostalgic vibe. Before I got to that tunnel everything was so beautiful, cool, but I realized that this tunnel is there for reason. That anxiety feeling... Wow. Even through it's very short- it's touching..

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Hey, i can't just skip it. Comparing to some of other ps1 style or just standard horror games, this one really didn't make me want to quit after first minutes. I love how it gives the horror feeling, but there are no jumpscares (yet ..) seriously. you hit the perfect game length in terms of searching items, and I like how the main character says something logical, unlike some other games. Awesome job. Will it really b e continued or it's just a joke? There are many quests to do, but after opening the gate I can't do anything more. Can't wait to continue investigating!

edit: ok I see the full ver will be on Steam.. ik this may be bad question but will it be uh.. free?

actually it does but I wouldn't recommend downloading bigger things from there.. even through i didn't have problems it gives no support for creators and who knows what they can push into the games. 

or you can use kinda less recommended methods, because creators won't get support :( but I'm talking about things like

Haha just cool

That was wholesome lol jk I mean felt cool

Lol calm down bruh

Simply said, all your games have been added to my list. Unfortunately I can't play it with my old rusty computer, but in future it will be a must-Play. Are you planning some new sceneries btw? Maybe something snowy.. idk. Just suggesting :D

Kinda laggy due to online game, but not a problem at all. Awesome game and sounds!

Yeah i know that it's weird to rate somwthing i didn't even play yet, but... after looking on screenshots it's that "perfect first-person indie game feeling".. Definitely will add to play on new computer list. btw when do you plan to release that second demo or full version?

Pozdrawiam Gry z kosza :D niestety nie zagram bo nie lubię tego typu Gier. Przeglądam se normalnie a tu nagle tvgry... jak wam idzie sprzedaż gry? Ile poszło kopii jeśli można spytać

Awesome game. Very atmospheric. It starts just like a typical game, but then... everything changes

lol me too

Well, I think it were some server issues at that time. Today it's downloading at smooth 2MB/s (still slow but it's fine speed) and through the itch desktop app it's also 2 MB/s. Just my PC is quite far away from router and it usually disconnects from internet etc.

Well, i have the same problem. On my phone it reaches 6Megabytes (not megabits) per second and on PC it's less than 500KB / sec. I'm actually downloading a game and sometimes it can speed up to 1Mb / s but it's rare.

It's very problematic in downloading games. I usually donwload them on phone and then send through USB cable to my PC. but it takes time too...