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We really appreciate you buying this game, We are a small studio unfortunately we could not afford a sound designer, due to which this game was realesed with out sound. I hope you understand. Thanks for supporting. We will try to do our best next time. 

I am still laughing, this game is Hilarious !!! :D Nice concept .

Nice mechanics , a polished game would be great Hit!

Game looks awesome mate! Only if it was available for Mac :( ,  34 Mb size for this !!!
Nice work on size optimization and Great ART

Nice attempt mate! The animation of dog looks cute , a bit stiff , but nice work! :) cheers

Nice game idea and beautifully executed!!!! cheers :)

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Awesome game guys, graphics are really cool. Easy and simple game play makes it more appealing.

Nice concept mate! Make is multiplayer player and sell it :)

Right! :) , but our game does not have cute little bombers attacking our towers :P

The game is lan, local coop

thanks mate,  :) best wishes

You guys nailed it. Literally that escalated very quickly.

Cool game!! good visuals and nice art !!

This game is so relaxing ! Nice art work and stylized graphics 

Well Made game !! The trailer looks amazing! Nice level design and awesome game mechanics ! Kudos to team! 

Crazy for Splitscreen?

Love showing your game-buddy who's the boss!! Have craze for split screen game. CyoCryst is just the game for you!


You and your buddy play as spyder  and fight for crystals! You can shape change into ball, fly and spider!!Use your skills to dominate other player for 5 min. Shoot them with snowballs and increase their rage and watch them cry when the meter fills up. But beware!! throwing snows may cause ice to break and oh boy! that water bellow you is really cold and might reduce your temperature if you touch it, so stay away from it! 

CryoCryst is a game made for ue4 winter jam in feb 2018. The game was made in 3 days with love and affection!!If you like it or want to suggest something please write to us :)