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Creaky Stairs

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We at Creaky Stairs Studios believe it is much more fun for you players to find any hidden meanings with the monster and the symbols, rather than us giving away the answers. That's why we won't confirm or deny any theory given.

Hi, glad you liked our game. It seems that the animations may behave wrongly when playing on a slow computer with very low frame rate. This is something we probably won't be able to fix since it mostly has to do with how unreal handles our code when the frame rate is low. I suggest that you turn down the graphics and/or the resolution. With a bit better frame rate the game should run fine

The files seems to be undamaged. Try to download with a different browser

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You need to have a somewhat good computer. But you can change the graphic settings in the game to make it run better on a slow PC

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I'm sorry but I don't understand portuguese :( Are you asking if it is available on something else then PC? If that is the question I'm afraid the answer is no. It is only available for PC.

Thats great to hear! Thanks alot for those kind words! Great video, and you nailed the main part of the story!