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Nice one! I would like a display of the statistics on picking up a power up! Anyway, keep up the good work :)

I would have liked the direction of the watering to be based on the mouse position instead of the character's last directional movement. Otherwise, it's a nice and cosy adaptation of the theme. Well done! :)

The detection area for moving the map with the mouse is a bit too big, but otherwise it's a nice little game and an ambitious idea! Well done!

Cool game! A lot of potential here! Well done :)

I would have liked some particle effects when you "eat" stuff, but it's already a nice little game! Well done :)

Nice one! Chill, fun & polished game. Great work! :)

Great idea & nice visual!

Cool little game! Nice work :)

Thanks a lot!

Yes, he does! But the shrinkage is a bit too fast. I wish I had had more time to adjust it... Not that it takes a lot of time to do it, but you know the feeling: so much to do and so little time ! That's what those jams are about :)

Yes I regret a little bit to have put this mechanic in the game. Or at least putting it so "aggressive". I think a good technique is to do a few "for nothing" moves, to accumulate food on the board, and then it becomes easier to do "combos". But it's actually more of a speed game than a thinking game, and that wasn't the original intent.

Thanks for your feedback! :)

Nice one! Cool music, simple yet fun and addictive gameplay :)

Great work!

Simple yet fun! Good job :)

Nice reinterpretation of a classsic :)

A little too cryptic or the map is a little big, but there is definitely an atmosphere here!

A bit slow on level 1, and it becomes difficult to click on new members for your team after a while, but a good little game overall! Good job! :)

Nicely executed and great idea! I love it :)

Nice little idle game. Good work! :)

Hi StandOff,

Thank you for your comments!

Some explanations are indeed missing.

I will add them to the game description :)

Some gears (the one in the third puzzle, and one in the fifth puzzle) have to rotate in one particuliar direction. There is a small arrow above the upper right corner of these gears to indicate that, but it's not the clearer indication there is.

I will definitely improve this if I work on an extended version of the game.

Thanks again and have a great weekend!

Thank you!

It is indeed a little more a puzzle than an adventure :)

I wanted to add more adventure mechanics at the beginning, but the gear mechanics itself took me much more time than expected! I thought Unity's integrated physics system could handle the gears without any problems. Turns out I was wrong and had to create the gear mechanics on my own, which was a lot of fun to do, but took me 9 days instead of the 2 I had planned... I won't lie, it way a little stressy :D

Anyway, I'm glad you enjoyed it :)