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This was a good find! The voice acting in this was spot on

hope to see more! :3

I liked it! Good job! :3 I did found a bug in the game, if you want to see it watch my video if you want, either way good game!

Good little game! I don't know if I avoided the guy the "right" way but xD hahah. I used the labyrinth method and got all the valves fairly quick :3 

This was veeeeeery cute :3 I like all the char so far! 
My gameplay if you want to see :3

Good job :3 I did not play the first game you played, only this one. I liked it. Here is my  gameplay if you want to take a look 

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Well this sure was something :3 I did not know what to expect, but it sure was scary! I think I missed a couple of times I was suppose to read the book haha. My very original video playing the game..LOL: 

This was very well made :3 I cleared it! My gameplay if you want to see.

I downloaded this game thinking it was just a short horror game :3 (I don't read much). Turns out to be the one of the best xmas horror games ive played this year xD hahah

here is the vod from my livestream if you want to see me screaming like a little kid...

good job with the game! :3

The soundtrack in this game is something special. It's very good but have this feeling of something is very OFF and something is about to happen!! Good Game! 😊

Fun game! :3 

I got a good time playing it!, I think I should have used a controller tho :3 Gameplay:

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If you want to see the CHAOS! I put a time stamp where the game almost broke haha

Simple and fun :3 Just wished it was a bit longer! haha

Oh yes! the audio got pretty broken at the end! haha

Pretty good game , I got to round 38 !

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Ok , this got to be one of the best games ive played this year :p

I didnt know what I was playing at first but after a while playing I fell in love with it! Great job! Could easy be a perfect game if I could skip the same dialogueI got before from the same person xD but thats just me! LOVED IT!

here is my gameplay if you want to see,

I'm very late to the party :3 but it was very fun to try it out! thx

It was actually pretty hard to find alot of em ;P here is my gameplay if you want to take a look 

omg.. amazing! :o

So... the ending.. you want to explain? xD

Good game tho!

Thank you so much! :3

Really Cool Game! Got a few jump scares :3 I got stuck at one part, can I get a hint? ;D My gameplay: 

Very interesting! You sure got me at the end! :o 

I gave it a go! haha this was soooo much fun! Good game! You need to make a part 2 !! 

my gameplay: 

I got a good time playing it, very relaxing! Here is my gameplay if you want to see :)

haha you got me! 

I gave it a shoot :3 

omg same hahaha xD

I loved it! I got soft locked at one spot xD check my video if you want to see it . at the end of the vid

great game!

I just downloaded this game and did not expect much... I ended up loving it! :D

Very fun to try out! :3 too bad I suck hahah My gameplay if you want to see 

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Pfff.. kids game

.... hehe

This game is HARD! Good job! :)

Hey :3 played the whole thing! Pretty good game! My gameplay if you want to see: 

I'm late to the party :3 here is my vid, good game!

Thank you so much for making this, I loved it! Do you remember these big Arcade machines with boats, kayaks etc? :3 back in the 90s. Dear god good times! Anyways here is my gameplay if you want too see 

I never play fps games, but I gave this one a shoot and It was actually really fun :3 played the whole thing. good job!

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I had a blast playing this! :3 I did get a sound bug where the music disappeared when I clicked on something, anything you know about? 

anyway here is my gameplay :) 

Oh really? I was using a PC with Google Chrome at the time. Maybe that's why it did not work?

and thank you so much :3 I got a good time trying it out!

I gave it a shoot :3 very interesting! here is my gameplay if you want to see