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good job well done nice game I liked it





Thanks, I will never be productive again


This is brilliant, are you able export the mansion as a model or something?

Evan is dead 

The more people we can get the more skeletons I can afford,

Thanks for playing and sharing. Not a fan of saying its so Bad its good in your thumbnail, but hey any publicity is good publicity.

Yeah I've been meaning to work more on it but I'm incredibly lazy. When I feel like lifting a finger I'll release 0.3.

Some epic gamer moments, needs more of

Thanks for the feedback, IM working on a new version with tighter controls and ill prolly release it after the Gamejam voting.  (Holding SPACE brings the bullet back to the player)

A more violent Wheres Wally, exactly what I was looking for.

Not much to it, buts fun. You can just walk off the screen though.

PS. music is rad

Great Idea, I feel like if the movement of the block was more predicable I'd play it for longer

I love the look of this game, so simple yet so pretty and conveys all the info you need. I'd like to see this game expanded further in the future.

MARK'S DEAD, this is a great idea.

Anyone want to work together to make some art on this?

It's on my wish  list.

Yeah The controls are too drifty, the player doesn't have a max velocity and steering is too hard, but I don't want to fix it cos of the whole gamejam thing and it feels like cheating.

Thanks for the feedback, yeah I am starting to see it's too loose and drifty, but I kinda don't want to fix it because it was made in a GameJam and I feel like its cheating a little.

I'm hyped for the full release, would work well on switch

v2 brings a whole new dynamic to the Dance Man Franchise, inspiring. 

Can't wait for v3 (hopefully less dancing)

Thanks for the feedback, Can I ask what's the specs on your PC? Just so I can set  standard for the quality settings

Too much dancing, take it back

Thanks for the feedback, I'll keep working to improve it