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thx!!! Gonna be honest, I did not get that high score myself just chose an arbitrary number.

wowsers thx for playing

ye its all about the vibe my guy

thx <3. Changing modes were masked by a quick camera pan, and hiding changing the player's position in that pan. It also went from orthographic to "normal" (I forgot what the camera mode is called).

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thx. I think if we were to further development we would need a better indicator in 3d for getting hit. 

I looked up an example of Starfox for an indicator of getting hit but it just showed Fox doing this dance

ye that was one of the struggles during development, giving reason to the player to change mode back and forth. Interestingly enough some people prefer 2d Tohu mode over and 3d Starfox mode and vice-versa. 

thx <3

new Orleans is not real, it cant hurt you

you should!


fab stuff

I love this so much


this game called me pathetic. 10/10

This mf made an entire Olympic event 

A solid remake of Centipede. One of the most polished games in the jam. With achievements?!

Hey, thx for playin, and Thanks for the feedback!

Ye the refresh of the page was a last-second "fix" to stop a bug that crashed the game when going back to the main menu lol. If I had more time I could have probably fixed it but hey it's fine.

Great vid

This is just a delight to play. I love the idea so much putting platforming into Centipede. Its also really chill, this game cured my anxiety thankyou. 

reminds me of this one arcade game I played once

This actually happened to me yesterday. 

Very good, very fun. The camera bobbing is a bit extreme.

wtf, this is so good. It even works with my official Xbox 360 wired controller TM.

I already raved about this in Discord but I'm generally hooked on it.  

Sometimes I did feel trapped by the movement I don't know if that was intentional as a challenge but it felt very annoying being trapped in the corner or in the tunnel. And would have been nice to have some sort of indicator of the order of centipede segments, I don't know if that's at all necessary but  I felt confused when switching between segments for moving and would move the wrong one.

 Also if you ever make this into a full game I would definitely buy it,

I love that ad.

thx that was the intent. If I had more time it would have been great to have the tasks more varied. Don't ask but I had a skate ramp sprite made for the game a task that said "do a boneless 50/50 of the railings" but that got cut cos I wasn't gonna make a skating mini-game as well in 2 weeks.


ye murder is great!  An indicator would have been a great feature to have, In general, this game struggles with clarity on what the fuck to do. Also, the helicopter just doesn't spawn all the time? The code's weird and probably haunted. THX FOR PLAYING

never you mind

I already had a fear of the ocean and now I am forever scared. 

The presentation on this is superb, you have a surreal and distinctive style that I really like. it is visually busy but the objective is still clear.

I also like that there's a unique enemy type after you kill a centipede, it kept me on my toes. Others mentioned the movement and I didn't mind that it was slippery, I will say the shooting felt inconsistent and random and was a bit frustrating.

But ye 10/10 also the font is very cool.

I wasn't expecting this to have horror elements in it. A real polished game I enjoy 10/10. I always like screen shake

This game left me wanting more, which is a good thing! I bought the monkey and I was very happy about it. 

If you ever come back to this idea in the future id love more challenging enemies that move around (atm it feels like movement count is redundant without the enemies moving at all). Also, a counter for how many turns you took to complete would be a nice incentive to play as strategically as possible, it would also add replay value. Maybe even have limited turns?!

Anywho this game was great, especially since you put it together in 3 days?!

This is beautiful

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Tremendous 🤝

What an experience, I really loved this game.  Gives me Professor Layton vibes + the narrative really creeped me out (in a good way).

Side note That fabric design in the textbox I have on a shirt I own

This dubious creature has led me to danger and then got me to commit murder. 10/10

Respect the choice for a limited Gameboy colour palette, not easy to express so much with so little colour and pixels, but you did! Lots of characters in this one, I always like breaking tables in games.

side note I completed this with a track pad on a bus.


such a blast to play, very binding of Issac-y. I am not a pixel artist but I am a pixel artist enjoyer and I enjoyed this immensely.

side note, a really like the idea of attacking with the back of the sub. Its unique and adds extra challenge. 10/10

This is really well made, you expressed a lot with such a low resolution (which I am aware is not easy to do).