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nifty Ill have to check out the stream, thx for playin

thank you so much, I'm blushing.

Thanks a bunch for playing, the challenge is good! Best way to may a game last longer than it actually is, is by throwing a whole bunch of enemies at the player.

thx, I tried to keep the pallet simple.

high praise thanks so much. The end boss went through so many changes and I was never really happy with it. In the end, I just slapped 250 health on it and called it a day, if I could change anything it would be the boss. 

I'm happy that you enjoyed the obstacles and enemies, it was hard to get the balance correct.

thxs for playing, it's hard to balance these types of games so I have no idea if it was too hard or too easy sometimes.

Thanks for liking the style, I'm chuffed with how it turned out.

fun fact the hooded character is made from pictures of me derezed down.

creepy by design. Thx for playin

what a spectacular piece of art. Very cozy feeling.

The music is banging, such a vibe place

I actually liked it

Steller game. 

Will Say the player slides way too much, especially when I have to be doing puzzles based on position.

And I can move during cutscenes, this scares me.

But I love the puzzles very unique.

Steller game. 

Will Say the player slides way too much, especially when I have to be doing puzzles based on position.

And I can move during cutscenes, this scares me.

But I love the puzzles very unique.

thanks for playing.

checkpoints would have really helped I think


haven't looked at this project in 3 years, codes prolly haunted

For real though, this game is very pretty.

She fell through the ground into the infinite purple void, which happens every Autumn. 

10/10, hit too close to home for me ( I also own a bike)

Me when I had too many lol xd. (she lied down cos she was tired)

Me when I can't swim and it's all over.  (I will drown)

hope we don't disappoint. About 4 patches have happened since release.

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thx for playing. Great video.

thank you for your kind words


your thumbnail is pretty cool btw, thx for playing

thanks for playing, sorry you got stuck in the *red dimension*


dont like youtubers?

Nice Video

Did you force the game into widescreen? how?

premieres in less than 2hrs

Look forward to the vid :D

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thanks for playing hope you enjoyed. I think you are the first to the code room. It doesn't have a purpose yet but will in the future.

hey thanks for playing and good vid, and we managed to hold your attention for the full demo.

Thanks for playing, and great video you managed the capture *most* of the Demo had to offer. Prime example of some quality content. Sorry you couldn't find where to use the code .

No crashes!? Beyond happy to hear. The Manager is a trustworthy and hard working individual.

how can you say no to those eyes?

atm we are taking a small break from development, seeing the feedback and taking it from there

Wii release first

Thanks for playing and thanks for the feedback.

For the tasks we did struggle on how much information to give to the player. We Didn't want them so lost that they get frustrated and didn't know where to go, on the underhand we didn't want to make it so simple with something like way-points and insult the intelligence of the player. Striking the balance of information allowing the player to find stuff for themselves is hard to get right and it seems we still need a little more fine tuning to do.

Without giving away too much about the game, we have plans on indicating to the player when they have been *caught* and when they are in danger of losing to prevent player confusion.

And for the "RED ZONE" sorry bought that, that was me who made it so bright on the eyes (it used to be worse). I'll be sure to tone it down a bit. I think a good feature of a good game would be to not blind the player. 

Thanks again for taking time to give feedback, we are taking all criticism on board for the full game.

"Horror B Movie" is a perfect description for the game. Thanks for playing.

hope you enjoyed

A great example of a model employee.