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your thumbnail is pretty cool btw, thx for playing

thanks for playing, sorry you got stuck in the *red dimension*


dont like youtubers?

Nice Video

Did you force the game into widescreen? how?

premieres in less than 2hrs

Look forward to the vid :D

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thanks for playing hope you enjoyed. I think you are the first to the code room. It doesn't have a purpose yet but will in the future.

hey thanks for playing and good vid, and we managed to hold your attention for the full demo.

Thanks for playing, and great video you managed the capture *most* of the Demo had to offer. Prime example of some quality content. Sorry you couldn't find where to use the code .

No crashes!? Beyond happy to hear. The Manager is a trustworthy and hard working individual.

how can you say no to those eyes?

atm we are taking a small break from development, seeing the feedback and taking it from there

Wii release first

Thanks for playing and thanks for the feedback.

For the tasks we did struggle on how much information to give to the player. We Didn't want them so lost that they get frustrated and didn't know where to go, on the underhand we didn't want to make it so simple with something like way-points and insult the intelligence of the player. Striking the balance of information allowing the player to find stuff for themselves is hard to get right and it seems we still need a little more fine tuning to do.

Without giving away too much about the game, we have plans on indicating to the player when they have been *caught* and when they are in danger of losing to prevent player confusion.

And for the "RED ZONE" sorry bought that, that was me who made it so bright on the eyes (it used to be worse). I'll be sure to tone it down a bit. I think a good feature of a good game would be to not blind the player. 

Thanks again for taking time to give feedback, we are taking all criticism on board for the full game.

"Horror B Movie" is a perfect description for the game. Thanks for playing.

hope you enjoyed

A great example of a model employee.

Thanks for playing our game. We hired a real frog to voice the manager.



Love this, its so clean and plays so well. I also explode and shoot out a load of green orbs when I sneeze irl.

thanks for playing. Balancing is something we struggled with in the game-jam, some people found it too easy some people found it annoyingly hard. That's why there is a hard mode to be unfairly cruel to the player.

I think the bone zone is a bit of trail and error in an effort to complete, I'd would of liked to be more clear on what to do but time constraints and all left it the way it is now. It is Complete-able, which it originally wasn't (for some reason that level in particular kept crashing unity making it very impossible).

Anywho thanks for the feedback

Thank you my child. go forth and spread the good news

Thanks for playing and thanks for the feedback. Yeah I think id agree that for this genre it would of been better to make the player more responsive.

Wow thanks, the greatest complement I can ever received is being compared to the Room. Does this make me the Tommy Wiseau of video games?

hardmode was made for this person because they keep speed running my games. It was meant to slow them down but only made them stronger.

Such a stylized and cool looking game, but actually controls and feels great to play as well. I do find myself mashing space to move around which is prolly not faster but is funny. It gets proper cathodic with so much on screen which what I was looking for. My god do I feel like a god stock pilling a bunch of abilities then cowering in fear after the 10 seconds are up. Though near the end of my play through my computer started to sound like a blender but that's more of a me problem.

Super polished and addicting.

looking forward to it

what a unique look

my god i love the look of this game

cool mechanic

what a charming game, but my god the fish explosion sound effects made my ears die

fun game, dont know what you mean by not finished cos it plays pretty well, look forward to more stages in the future.

I appreciated the free cookies



howd you get on in hard mode? thx for playing

pro tip, just go up to the top left to avoid him, hope you enjoyed