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I mean, the Persona series does have Dancing games too...

Not Watt but you and I likely ran into the same situation. They're in a noble's body for now and will likely get their Crest, otherwise I'm keeping my group's bodyhopper's original stats. Would love to hear how your next session goes!

Stumbled across this, looks amazing!!

I too am confused as to where 002 is? unless this is product #2 and in-universe they don't publish in order?

Day one backer, this is such a beautifully designed and presented game

Had a chance to read this a few days ago. Amazing, looking forward to playing it with my table some time!!!

Yay, more space hotels!

Thanks Mcfin. The concept changed a lot in playtesting but overall I'm proud of the atmosphere! Would love to read your After Action Report if you ever run it for a group.

Used one of these pieces in a future module, credited you as asked here. Thank you for such great work!

Just couldn't give up the original context without it losing some of its flavor. If the scenario runs into trouble in the future I'll rewrite it but I'm proud of this one.

Posted it here!

Thanks again GA!

I have written up a scenario for Liminal Horror that is loosely inspired by the production of Nosferatu. It features the real life theft of FW Murnau's skull as a plot point, as well as the production designer appearing as a vampire. Looking for a second opinion on if the names should be changed as to avoid potential legal trouble, it's hard for me to say for certain as Murnau has been dead for nearly a century and the film itself is 100 years old. 

Would it be safe to publish as is or should the pseudo-historical background be changed for legal security?

Looks like an amazing book, Batts. I've been reading this for weeks now and the dungeon calls to me! Is the print going to be hardcover or softcover?

Thanks guys! Looking forward to it

Hey it's been a year since this was funded, is it still in production?