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Crash Triassic

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Hah! I actually have a pretty solid idea in mind for the sequel. When it gets done I don't know, but the idea is in place so you never know.

That's a strange bug - I use png's on some of my work. I'll need to bear that in mind. Glad you found a way to fix it though.

aha, i see!

Okie doke, I'll give it another shot.

If there was one thing I'd spruce up the main game just a little. I wouldn't have those main menu particles going through the middle circle but maybe they could go around the outside or something like that - or orbit around the outside if that were even possible. But that aside, no complaints.

Also I like that the ball always starts by going toward the paddle - it's a small thing, but the game is much better off doing that then if it were to go in a random direction.

This is excellent. Not only is it moresome as a game but it's fair. You lose because you screwed up, and that's an excellent sign. Also, of course, the title screen is absolutely banging. Very nicely done.

I seem to just get a screen of green pixellated lines. Doesn't seem playable right now.

It's not bad - could be more polished and some of the levels feel impossible without super, super precision. But it was worth a good five minutes.

Thank you, Mr Pineapple.

Hey this was quite interesting. If I were to suggest things I would maybe make it a little easier to hit ghosts and much easier to see the bullets - it feels unlucky when they hit you now as opposed to it being a mistake you made. Did enjoy it though.

This was really slick. It felt fun, looked great, and kept me playing, so kudos.

Hah! Don't worry, I wasn't timing. I'm going to watch some now - I love the kids by the way.

Hah! Absolutely no idea. I've been thinking through a few different ideas, but no idea when I'll get to them. Ideally they'll come around sooner rather then later though. Some might even follow up this game, in wierd and odd ways.

Okay, so as far as I can tell there are various ways - and I'm pretty new to this sort of thing. For our project we were working with a coder who was making his own engine and using the game development to develop his own work - I believe we worked in Unity. But honestly, I think with a bit of learning anyone could put together a text adventure in Unity - the 'beta' of this game was originally the product of a C# exercise on a Udemy course I was doing, and getting music and pictures in beyond that shouldn't be much harder. The main issue in doing that is actually getting the right music and art for the game. I hope that was helpful.

That is most definately a bug/defect - I'll see if we can't get that sorted out. Thanks for the heads up.

There are certainly improvements I would have liked to make with regards to checking off paths and various other things you mentioned (including in the story). I'm glad you enjoyed it though - hopefully the next one we make will be two or three steps forward.

I get it. It's super super dark in places - but I didn't want to be too repetitive about things, so I got 'creative'. With sexy (absolutely not sexy) results!

I would love to see that video. I'm very curious about how people respond to them - as 'diverse' as they are.

Hey man. Thank you for the heads up - we'll try and get this fixed.