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oooh I now see that I can click on the contents in the ToC. That’s much more helpful than before. I was talking about having the ToC be available as a.. like a drop down menu sort of a menu thing if that makes sense. Either way the ruleset has worked just fine so far 

Loving this so far! Nice system of exploration and discovery. It does require a lot of hopping between tables and without a dense layout or interactive table of contents, that can be clunky. That’s my only complaint so far that’s not on the actual system. Excited to keep exploring!

Played this with my son and his friend. The friend had never played any RPG before and had lots of fun. They both came up with clever ways to avoid thieves. 

This is the perfect adventure to lead into the further Kiwi Acres hexflower so next time I play we’ll definitely pull that out and let me son decide which item to return. 

Baha missed it. Thanks though. Awesome to see how popular your work is getting though! Good work

Looks great! Christmas is a little tight this year but I’ll grab it as soon as I can!

I’ve been slowly playing through this and having an absolute blast. Love the feats and theme. The doom keeps things moving and maintains a sort of dangerous lonely feeling. I’m using my frog to explore around the world in my Mausritter campaign is set in and it’s perfect for just that purpose. 

Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!

Just played with my six year old. He (we) had a blast! The maze-like map was fun for him to trace around and look for different routes, he learned a bit about some New Zealand animals and needed to make a difficult moral decision on whether or not he should attack some friendly lizards in order to lift a curse from himself. Lots of fun and we plan on doing another Kiwi Adventure when we get the chance. 

Really amazing! I've been playing solo for a bit and I like it a lot so far. A really wonderful beastiary. Beautiful art with lots of details for a huge amount of creatures. I love how different they are than standard beasts too and the sort of 'rumor' feature when PCs encounter them so they have a hint of what this creature is (which they've either probably never heard of before or only know radically different versions) but there's still a lot of mystery about them.

The fact that the book walks you through live generation of the area sets it up perfect for solo and zero/low prep sessions. After I a get a smoother grip on it all I'm going to test it out on a group. I have pretty high expectations!

The factions are also very rich though I haven't quite figured out how it all works together and haven't included them in my game yet. I think it will really enrich the game though. 

I'm gushing a bit now but this book has really got me excited. Thanks for all the work put into it!

I played it now with my kids. One aged four and one nearly six. We all had a blast. I gave them a sheet of paper and they drew everything that they did. We did six weeks in three separate sessions because it was really easy to stop or start. 

I only had 3d6 so keeping track was a tad difficult. I had originally planned on using some sort od counter but I wasn’t able to so I just wrote out a number line and added to it each week and it worked alright. Having an actual pool of d6 would have really helped them understand what was going on though. 

Anyway, highly recommend for play with kids. 

Looks amazing! Am planning to play with my kids next week while we’re out camping. We’re going to draw a map of what we discover and build.

One question for clarification though, what is the intention behind the symbols for the events? Are those meant to guide the number (and type) of tasks needed to resolve the problem? So the beaver damning up the water will require them to deal with the beaver (forest friends) and probably come up with some construction as a comprise or whatever?

I think I’ll run them with the symbols as a guideline like I explained above, just curious what the original intention was. 

Man, what a wonderful zine. It reminds me so much of Mœbius, both the art and setting/story. 

Definitely anxious to play but just reading through the zine itself is definitely worth the price!