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Awesome! Thanks so much.

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Hi, is it possible to split the ball spritesheet into separate sheets for the different animations?

Also, I just want to let you know that Godot Engine can't read .gif. It might be best to convert the playerIdle animation to .png in case others have trouble.

Otherwise, thanks for a great set of spritesheets! Really perfect for my project <3

Wow! What a clever game. Great job.

Some feedback:

  • I know it's a browser game but I wish there were checkpoints. It's a bit of a commitment (and tiring) to try to finish in one sitting. (I'd probably separate the areas into discrete levels and add a level select.)
  • I think a dotted line for aiming would be a nice accessibility option.

Thanks for the cool experience!

Just ran a session zero for this! Are there any cool fan communities you know of? Would love to see what other GMs have done with their games.

my only complaint is that i don't get  to make the thumbs kiss on my own

ahahaha it's a shooter?? lmao love it

Cool little boss fight! The sound effects are really charming, especially the boss's repeated "ouch". 

I didn't realize I was getting hurt by my own lipstick bombs until I was almost dead, probably because I didn't expect them to act like a bomb.

It also took me a sec to realize you could hold down C to keep biting, that was a fun surprise.

Happy birthday Doc

Hi, love the concept. Could you share any videos of gameplay?

Thanks for the serious answer. Sounds like your hearts are in the right place. I live in LA where we've got about 60,000 people living unhoused, and our city is currently in the process of violently pushing them out of every public space. Instead of, y'know, just paying for fuckin' housing. And given the existence of crap like "Bum Simulator", I hope you can forgive the skepticism. Good luck with the game!

"When members of the development team almost fell into homelessness some years ago"

So have any of you actually experienced homelessness? Did you consult with anyone who's been unhoused?

this is an excellent list. It physically hurt a little to see Brothers on here, but I've moved through the pain and I've grown from it