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Hi! I forgot to update my address for the Kickstarter for the RPG. :((((

I sent you an email through BackerKit. Hopefully there's still time! Just wanted to hit you up here just in case you see it faster, cuz I'm so so so excited for the game! <3

(Feel free to delete this comment (or I can) once you see it!)

PS: if it's too late, no worries, it's completely my fault. just crossing my fingers here! 😬🤞🏻

I loved trying to corral 30 frogs to do the thing at the end

My review: 7 out of 5 stars

going rogue 2e is incredible. Could not recommend it enough. This game absolutely nails the feel of the source material. No, it's better than that. going rogue is how Star Wars feels in our imaginations.

It's my first Belonging Outside Belonging game, and I was hesitant. I've had trouble with GM-less games before, like Fiasco and The Quiet Year, where I felt adrift in the open-endedness and infinite possibility.

But going rogue has just enough structure that I never feel lost. Any time we're unsure how to resolve a situation that would call for a dice roll in another RPG, it's easy to find a playbook, NPC, or pillar move to guide the way. If we're still not sure what to do, I can look to my character's principles, or a pillar's desires. There's always a bevy of exciting tools at my fingertips to light the way forward. Like, I can't emphasize enough how much fun it is to interrupt a scene by grabbing the Mandate and slyly proclaiming that you're going to "foreshadow a larger threat" or "put someone in immediate danger."

Up till now, I've been obsessed with Powered by the Apocalypse (PbtA) RPGs. I love their emphasis on collaborative worldbuilding, low-prep GMing, "play to find out," and failed dice rolls that always make the story more interesting, not less. But even with all these innovations, GMing a PbtA game is still a lot of pressure and responsibility. You're the ultimate keeper of the story. The final say on pretty much everything.

going rogue lets me have all the joy of GMing with none of the pressure. Because everyone shares the responsibility, it doesn't feel like a responsbility at all; it's just pure fun. You get to have as much or as little say over the story as you want, while also starring in it as a main character. It's the best of both worlds, and I can't get enough.

I have never been this excited for a weekly RPG group before. Hats off to riley and jess. You've truly outdone yourselves.

But you can still do that anyway. How does hiding the text of reviews prevent review-bombing?

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Ah, sorry. I never saw the notification for this. Here's the thread.

My friends and I ended up going with Owlbear Rodeo. It's not ideal, but it gets the job done.

I'm actually working on my own app in Godot that's designed specifically for playing galactic and going rogue online. I'd love to release it for free with yours and riley's blessings. Though if y'all aren't down, I will still be very pleased just having a solution that I can use with my friends :)

Ideally, I'll expand it to be able to play any Belonging Outside Belonging game at some point. But GR is the focus cuz that's what I'm playing (and LOVING) right now.

Feel free to shoot me an email (craigostrin at gmail dot com) if you wanna chat about it!

edit: Here's a screenshot of our Owlbear game

Ohhh google slide is a neat idea. Someone on reddit recommended Miro, which I might try if the learning curve isn't too high. Thanks Jess!

I’m about to get an online game going with some friends. If anyone’s played over Zoom/Discord/etc, how did you handle tokens? We could just use a shared spreadsheet, but it’d be way more fun to click and drag visual tokens around. 

omg, apparently they did an AP inspired by The Protomen's discography. Definitely checking out this show. Thanks for the rec!

Awesome! Thanks so much.

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Hi, is it possible to split the ball spritesheet into separate sheets for the different animations?

Also, I just want to let you know that Godot Engine can't read .gif. It might be best to convert the playerIdle animation to .png in case others have trouble.

Otherwise, thanks for a great set of spritesheets! Really perfect for my project <3

Wow! What a clever game. Great job.

Some feedback:

  • I know it's a browser game but I wish there were checkpoints. It's a bit of a commitment (and tiring) to try to finish in one sitting. (I'd probably separate the areas into discrete levels and add a level select.)
  • I think a dotted line for aiming would be a nice accessibility option.

Thanks for the cool experience!

Just ran a session zero for this! Are there any cool fan communities you know of? Would love to see what other GMs have done with their games.

my only complaint is that i don't get  to make the thumbs kiss on my own

ahahaha it's a shooter?? lmao love it

Cool little boss fight! The sound effects are really charming, especially the boss's repeated "ouch". 

I didn't realize I was getting hurt by my own lipstick bombs until I was almost dead, probably because I didn't expect them to act like a bomb.

It also took me a sec to realize you could hold down C to keep biting, that was a fun surprise.

Happy birthday Doc

Thanks for the serious answer. Sounds like your hearts are in the right place. I live in LA where we've got about 60,000 people living unhoused, and our city is currently in the process of violently pushing them out of every public space. Instead of, y'know, just paying for fuckin' housing. And given the existence of crap like "Bum Simulator", I hope you can forgive the skepticism. Good luck with the game!

"When members of the development team almost fell into homelessness some years ago"

So have any of you actually experienced homelessness? Did you consult with anyone who's been unhoused?

this is an excellent list. It physically hurt a little to see Brothers on here, but I've moved through the pain and I've grown from it