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LMAOOOO that’s definitely not supposed to happen 

I'll take a look into this. I had to hastily throw this game together for the minijam and had limited time so I'm sure there's some weird bug I didn't see. I'll update the game if I find anything strange.

Did you make sure to leave 1 person on guard when this happened?

I'm sorry that the RNG gods have been cruel ;-;

When Night Warden



Do you get any error messages when it blackscreens? I'll try my best to fix it :)

smh 😪

Yup ✌️


How can I live on this earth without my sequel to Otter Island :(

The game is finished and released. Forgot to remove that text from last year :skull:

Thanks for playing, gamer 😎

Woah, thanks for letting me know! I have no idea how/why the download got nuked but you should be able to play now!


Plan on releasing any more games sometime?

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Thanks for playing! After watching your video, I found a few ways I can balance the difficulty a bit more and get the player to better understand how to evade the enemy. Pretty much, only sprint if you have to, and catch your breath by using the crawlspaces.

Thanks so much for playing!

I'm glad you liked it! You'll definitely be seeing more of this from me!

Thanks for playing! Hope it was spooky!

Awesome! Thanks for checking it out!

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Shortly after the infamous Sorley Paper Mill was demolished, urban explorers in the area started looking for new places to explore in this small industrial town.

After spending some time online, you got a tip regarding an abandoned mine tucked away deep in the woods. The mining operation was shut down due to a "lack of funding" and the company itself went bankrupt only a year later.

To your knowledge, nobody other than the former workers have stepped foot inside...

Featuring over 300 mini tiles!

Yes it is!

Pretty sweet game! I wish that we got more info about the drawing of the girl though since it never really added to the story other than leaving me a bit confused at the end. Do you have any info on that?

I rearranged the books, found the antique coin, and the silver pendant but once I rearranged the books, I can't seem to progress any further into the game. Is there something I'm missing or is that all there is so far?

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Nice game! Just wish the movement speed was a little bit faster.

The game does have an ending, just gotta last long enough! 

Yeah, that might have been a glitch. Unless they also took hunger damage or cold damage as well as damage from the thing in the woods.

Sounds like just terrible RNG and it attacked all your campers simultaneously 


Thank you!


Judging begins when the timer stops.

This is 100% Steam worthy! If you put it on Steam, I'll buy it!

This pack includes 95 textures for you to use in any project you wish! Each texture is 2440p and edited to be perfectly seamless!

I'm planning on expanding the pack at a later date! But yeah, a color change would work just as well with the NES style!

Hmm. If I had to guess I'd say that the .ini file that controls the highscore is somehow setting off your antivirus software. I can say with 100% confidence though that there are no viruses in this game nor is it a virus.

Absolutely, you just need to purchase it.