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The funnest fact tbh. I love telling people they're breaking Geneva convention.

Very cool!



ok but what a great concept!


Beautifully made! THIS! This is the sort of impactful work I want to make! Thank you for taking your time to make this, and thank you for sharing!

can't decide if i want to puke or cry. hard hitting 10/10

Very well-polished game!

However, as a postal employee who has real world in the field mail delivering experience*, i can't help but notice a few points.

On the first day, you wouldn't have a uniform -- you get a uniform allotment after 90 days of work or 120 calendar days.

You WOULD have the satchel, however. But in training they tell you not to wear it cross-body in case of dog attacks.

A lack of dog spray and dog horns.

Also I got a bug where if you spam A at the garden gnome attacking you, the text box doesn't go away.

Follow me for pro mail delivering tips.

*i got fired last week**

**this is not a joke

my favorite lego island minigame

i love him.......,.,,,,,,,,

Can you make this compatible with the Analogue Pocket? :) Should just be a quick export in gb studio

damn this would have been helpful like two weeks ago b4 i tried switching to Notion

you know what? good enough for my purposes. thanks

mf you ARE a minor

ty!!! that's kinda what i was going for

I have converted this (re: edited the .png slightly) to work for importing into Playdate's Pulp!


thank you for your work into converting it to 8x8!

I have made a fork of your fork for use as a Playdate Pulp font!!!!!!! <3