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Hey!. Just purchased this as well as the base pack. Can you clarify what is the license for these assets?

"These assets can be used in commercial projects, and edited. Credit is appreciated."

Does this mean you could use assets royalty free? I presume on a game that is fine..but also presume you do not want folks to be taking your assets and making a copycat asset pack...would be a good idea if you were to add some clarifications to what is acceptable/not acceptable use.

Neat. Curious, what is the license on the art assets included? I think it mentions on the repo they were made by some anon (on /monster ..which site?). 

Hey thanks I appreciate a response. I've already purchased and been hitting gym with it for 2 days now (lol). But thanks I'm going to check out your non-game stuff,  this is real industrial dance style unlike a lot of other stuff out there :) 

I've been working on a game as a side project for 7+ years now and the rate I'm going it'll be another 3+ (have a day job).  Will certainly credit when done and hopefully will continue to motivate me. 

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I just purchased this but do not see any license file included. I unfortunately cannot use this without some more clarity on the license. I presume I can use these tracks in a distributed game (duh), but not say - for example - sold as a soundtrack album for the game.

What if I make a game, and someone records the music from the game..then uses that in a YouTube video..could I be sued?

Having a formal license you can link to would be very helpful and I think would encourage other folks to purchase as you have one of the best mixes of ambient I've seen on itch.

Hi. Does purchasing this soundtrack come with a license?  Do you have terms available?  Would love to put this in a game project but legally I cannot put copyrighted music in a project unless I have a commercial license.