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Hi Lex0planet, I see you join our discord I'll give you some tech support there. It's pretty uncommon for it to lock on the first screen. But there are a few things we can try.

Thanks Dizzybee!

Yes, the game will ask you to update and won't let you connect to servers if you have an old client.

You can re-download whenever a new version comes out, but the better way is to install the app (it's like the steam app) and install Hunternet via the app. That way when I release a new version (usually once a week) the app will download a small patch automatically and you don't have to download Hunternet all over again. 

A new version of Hunternet will be out for this weekend's play test. Among other things it introduces heat sinks (you can equip them to lower energy costs which makes your existing equipment more efficient and makes it harder to overheat). It will also include the first version of the shooting range. 

Let me know if you have any more problems. I'm usually hanging out on the game's discord server and that is usually the fastest way to get my attention. Have fun, and hope to see you in the Hunternet :D

Thanks ThunderOwl :) Good question, I will go look into that now, maybe I need to add a tag for it. Hunternet has been quietly in development for years and in semi-stealth mode on for about a year. I'm just starting to get the word out because I'm ready to playtest large-scale combat and accessibility is finally decent enough that I think most players can finally ease into it (although I'm still working on improving the new player experience). If you have TrackIR you can use head tracking btw. Join us on discord if to meet other pilots, play pickup games, or join our weekly playtest.

Heads up I made some changes in the latest build with your feedback on overheating in mind :). It is now easier to avoid overheating, and more importantly avoid getting further in depth once you overheat, compared to previous builds. The game will gradually make it more challenging until you hit bronze tier at which point it will be at the regular difficulty that you experienced in the previous build. But by this time I hope most players will have learned how to avoid overheating and the various ways to deal with it when it does happen.

Hey thank you so much, it made me real happy to hear that :D

Thank you also for taking the time to give me your feedback. I really appreciate any feedback that I get especially from a fellow dev.

I think cool downs could also work but I've purposely avoided them. But you are not alone, overheating is something that most new players struggle with, but with time you learn to avoid it most of the time. As you gain more experience with the game not only will you not overheat as often, but you will learn many techniques that are available for avoiding it. You can even turn it into an advantage using teleport.  One tip, is that smash (aka the boost) is also a good way of gaining energy quickly when you are overheating. If you hit another player with smash any damage you do will come back to you as energy.  A single hit from smash does 50e damage so two hits are  enough to regain a full bar of energy. You also start out with enough credit to add one more ability to your kit, I recommend absorb which is a special shield that converts incoming damage into energy. I am still monitoring how new players respond to overheating, it is an area I want to improve upon in terms of new player experience but for now a separate cool down is probably too large of a change. But I do appreciate the suggestion :D

I always love talking game design, so if you are interested I'd love for you to be a part of our discord community, I hang out there everyday on discord and we get together every weekend for our schedule playtest. We also often play pickup games throughout the week:

It's not a VR game, but I may add optional VR support in the future. It does have TrackIR (head tracking) support. And I plan on adding automatic head tracking for those that do not have TrackIR. If you want to chat with me about the game, I recommend you join our official discord. I'm always interested in feedback and ideas from new players:

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Thank you Mutant Gamer, I really enjoyed your video :). It is very normal for new players to struggle while they are still learning the fundamentals of space combat in Hunternet. I went ahead and made a tips video to help you and any other players who would like to get better at the game. Thanks for the recommendation! If you would like to fly with us sometime please join me on our discord:

pseudocarnicus, sorry to hear about it not working. I haven't had that problem before, so I'm not quite sure what is going on. So you are stuck in the main loading screen where you see the fox head logo and "Hunternet by Fernando Zapata"? If you go to Hunternet_Data folder there is a log file there called output_log.txt if you can email that to me at I will take look. You can also join our discord and that will make it easier for me to help you:

Thanks for trying to check out my game :D

Hey Nsyno, thank you so much for taking the time to share your experience with everyone here on It's an amazing to see all these new players enjoy my work. I've been monitoring the servers using the "Voice Alerts" feature in the server browser and I'm really glad I managed to drop in while you were playing. My main goal with Hunternet is to build a strong and healthy community we can keep playing for many years to come. I'm taking my time so that Hunternet has a good shot. We already have an awesome but small community that helped me get the game to where it is now and if things keep going as well as it has we will be able to place large-scale combat soon :). Welcome to the community, I look forward to flying with you again!

hey God, dev here :D I went ahead and made a little twitch stream to try and help you out:

Take a look at that, if you still have problems join our discord and I can help you there:

Stay frosty,

Fernando Z

Thank you leafo, this helps a ton! Had three completely unrelated players join one right after the other while I was eating breakfast. That's the first time that has ever happened. Usually either it's one a time or if it is more than one it's someone that brought their friends. This is going to be a big help in getting us to hundred+ player combat :)

I first put Hunternet on back in July 2016. But this is my first time announcing it here. I learned about from a talk Adam Saltsman did back when I lived in Austin, TX. Hunternet has been in semi-stealth mode since then with a steady stream of players finding it via It has been a great way to balance and refine the game. I'm so glad I took Adam's advice and found itch, Hunternet would not be as far along as it is now without it.

Hunternet is a multiplayer space combat game designed to scale from one on one duels up to massive battles with hundreds of players. It has a deep combat system with a high skill ceiling and a ton of variety. Pilots have access to three distinct flight models and can equip up to 18 very distinct abilities. This gives players the flexibility to build a kit that suits their own style. The depth is comparable to advance fighting games and has kept us learning and adapting during years of play testing. Hunternet is also playable in cockpit, third-person and top-down modes. Hunternet supports TrackIR, has built in text and 3D voice chat, has spectator support, fully remappable keyboard and gamepad controls.

I host dedicated servers that are available 24/7 in six different cities. The game has player bots and AI mobs so you can play at any time. I recently added an academy and a training system to help new players learn the game (training mode is optional). You can drop in and drop out at anytime and teams are optional.  The game does not depend on in matchmaking and instead uses game mechanics and incentives to allow players of all skill levels and teams of all sizes to share the battlefield. The networking stack was written from scratch and fine tuned over several years. It works well over large geographic distances (I play from Taiwan to the US with great success) and is highly scalable. Because the community is not split by matchmaking or into many regions it means a small community can feel much larger and more interconnected.

Over the past year my community on discord (most of which found the game via have helped me balance the combat and improve the  game's usability. We feel the game is now ready for a larger player base and want to start play testing and balancing large-scale combat. The server tech has been stress tested using distributed cloud test clients but we need to recruit human pilots to properly balance the gameplay. I just started our first pilot recruitment drive and we hope to begin soon :)

The Hunternet Association is searching:

You can learn more about Hunternet on the games main site (including a more detailed feature list):

Our community hangs out on discord and we run competitions and get together for weekly play tests with new builds coming out normally once a week:

And of course you can always get the latest free multiplayer alpha on

My plan is to continue to work on and support Hunternet for many years to come. To create a vibrant, friendly, and healthy multiplayer community built around a unique space combat game that is fair and balanced at any scale. I'm always looking to meet new players and would love to hear from you.


Fernando Z

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I highly recommend joining our Discord Server when checking out Hunternet, it's a great way to meet and play with the community:

Heads up, I've been working on adding bots and an early version is already available. Join one of six regional servers and play with bots at any time solo or with friends.