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If characters have art, it means you will have scenes with them.
I will try to post new character art once in a while so I don't let the page completely die out before early access :)
Have a great 2024!

- Can't promise any flamethrowers =w=

- There will be a cowgirl for sure!

- The shop/house/farm are the same area, and we can only build and decorate there. But you can upgrade other locations for your business partners though. For example, improving the brothel or the church.

Thankies for checking out the game c: have a lovely 2024!!

Yep, but definitely only after early access! You could always use joiplay to emulate it on ur phone until then if you really can't wait for that..

It will be available on both :3

The game will be free so there's no need for keys and I do plan on having an optional subscription model for dev builds after early access releases. You will be able to vote on things and get the content faster than the free builds, all content is eventually free though, nothing is indefinitely gated. I think I will use subscribestar and not patreon however, since the latter is very picky with their NSFW guidelines.

KIckstarter backers will get access to these dev builds in the future as well yeah, basically anyone above the 15 bucks tier gets the full game forever.

Thank you for the support and kind words <3

Thanks for checking it out and for the kind words!

So for the animation issue, one of the Kickstarter goals is to let me animate all the art with Spine2D :)

I plan on releasing the game in early access around Q4 2024 if everything goes well, until then, only closed beta for Kickstarter backers =w=

The game is only out publicly next year, you can pledge on kickstarter for a closed beta access meanwhile if you want, but it's not necessary! :)

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Same I can't wait, I wish I had a fast-forward button :( 

Thank you for the support!

Thank you so much I appreciate it



=w= thank you!!

Don't be I'll reply to this comment when it's out :3

Can't wait for you to play it <3

Thank you so much <3 I hope to have a build for everyone by next year.

Based fixing 140 bugs and not writing anything about it

Figuring out the right combination of parts to get higher and higher is actually a really simple concept but super fun :3

This is really high quality, thank you so much :)

Sadly can't use this for my magic fantasy project but just wanted to say the art style is sick :)

Would you consider adding the possibility of buying individual tracks instead of the whole pack? :) I really like some of them but most I have no use for my project :( (they still sound amazing though <3)

thanks for the work =w=


hey thank you for the plugin! does this work for MV as well?

The 3d environments are so comfy, good job :) what engine even is this??

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These look so cute, good job :) I'll be using them as a reference and ill try to make some similar ones for my game thank you for ur work