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Thank you for the work, I'm bookmarking all your stuff to buy later when I get to the audio side of things in my game, was wondering if you would consider making a cute monster pack audio in the future? Think something like pokemon, digimon, non scary monster sounds that also have element affinities like earth, water, etc :) Just a suggestion!

This is really high quality, thank you so much :)

Sadly can't use this for my magic fantasy project but just wanted to say the art style is sick :)

Would you consider adding the possibility of buying individual tracks instead of the whole pack? :) I really like some of them but most I have no use for my project :( (they still sound amazing though <3)

thanks for the work =w=


hey thank you for the plugin! does this work for MV as well?


The 3d environments are so comfy, good job :) what engine even is this??

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These look so cute, good job :) I'll be using them as a reference and ill try to make some similar ones for my game thank you for ur work

Thank you so much :3

thank you so much for the lovely font <3

that's great c: ill be getting this plugin soon when I start working on my game's UI, thanks for your work!

hey, this is an awesome plugin, was just wondering if this lets me make categories, for example, monsters, locations etc and then have the entries under those categories (didn't see that in the video), thanks :)

Thank you! <3

thank you for this c:

Thank you so much for these, super high quality! :)

Thankies :D

Hey! Super lovely plugin thank you so much for sharing :D

Just have one question, how would I go about making the held event be a little lower?
I have a different sprite with the character's arms raised up for when they are carrying something but the object is still above the players head without even touching his hands haha so I would like to lower its position.

I don't understand much of code so if you could point me in the right direction where to edit the .js I would really appreciate it! :)

Ok I figured it out, this should officially make this compatible with MV now, all you gotta do is:

In common events 113 and 114, change the conditional branches with:

"if button OK is pressed down"

to a script call instead with:

Input._latestButton === 'ok' && Input._pressedTime <= 1

That will check that you only tapped the ok key and held it for 1 or less than 1 frame, holding the key won't do anything now, works the exact same as it does in MZ :)

Thank you for the template though <3

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Hey! I'm using this on rpg maker mv, and if i simply hold the ok button the bar fills nearly instantly no matter the difficulty completely defeating its purpose.

If I copy all your things in a blank mv project it works fine (since i guess it technically becomes a mz project), but copying just the necessary things into my current project I can somehow hold it, i tried turning off all my plugins thinking it could be a compatibility thing but no change.. been trying to troubleshoot this myself but can't really think of what could be causing it besides plugins, do you have any idea how what I should look into?

thank you so much for these <3

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This tool seems really great, I'll be giving it a try! But does it have shareable link feature of any kind? For example so patreon supporters could see what I'm currently working on?

Oh I'm such a dummy, that makes sense. Still you saved my butt, your suggestion of copy-pasting the frames worked like a charm! Thank you so much <3

Hey thank you for your work on this plugin!
I have a lot of custom animations that run at 30fps,  but I still want to use MV's default animations too, except they run really fast if I have the game's animation rate set to 2 (30 fps). I was hoping this plugin would save my butt but I think I'm using it incorrectly..

So I set the game's frame rate to 30fps both on YEP_CoreEngine and your plugin

Then I picked all the default animations I still want to use with your global settings

And then only thing i changed for each was the Frames to 4 which is the game's default speed?

Yet all the default animations still run SUPER fast, could you please clarify if I'm doing anything wrong here?

Once again thank you for your work :)