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Cowfish Games

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Hey, thanks for the feedback!

Control Settings and Graphics settings are something we've got on the backlog. Hopefully should have them in a patch soon.

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Hi Lampoviy

We think out game is quite different from Warcraft and current MOBAs in a few ways that make it unique (and more fun in our opinion). 

  • Multi-unit control: Each player chooses 3 robots to play with. We currently have 5 different units, giving 10 different unit setups. (Our target of 8 units at beta will allow for 56 setups!)
  • Combos: Players can use any 2 unit abilities to create a unique, devastating combo. Executing a good combo requires real skill.
  • Round based matches: Our current game mode has players attack & defend in short 3-5min rounds. Each round is a fresh start, so you don't end up 'losing' for 30 minutes.

If any of this sounds interesting come check it out. We've got a discord channel if you fancy a game, or have any other questions, let us know!

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Hello and Welcome!

We hope you like our game. Please let us know if you have any initial feedback / bugs to report.

Wow! Thanks so much :D

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UTOPIA is a unique competitive online game that combines the micro of Starcraft with the heroes of League of Legends. Two players control three powerful robot champions, each with a unique designs and play-styles, battle head-to-head to control power.  


1v1 multiplayer (with 2v2 and 3v3 planned).
Choose and control 3 robots to attack / defend control points.
5 robots each with a a single, unique ability.
Abilities can be combined to produce devastating combos.


You can download the game from here: https://cowfish.itch.io/utopia-alpha




We are currently in very early alpha and would love your feedback!

Message here or you can find us on discord at