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One of the best games ever, in my humble opinion.

I think I know how to fix this off-hand. Thanks for the report, and sorry about the issue.

Thanks for taking a look! :) The flames move in a clockwise wall-hugging pattern, and are more of an obstacle than an enemy. Makes you have to choose your movements carefully. Also you can pick up/wait with X and use items with Z, and you'll need the starting equipment.

Tower Noire community · Created a new topic Bugs Megathread

Known issues:

  • Falling down a hole can lead you to getting stuck in a wall.
  • Throwing an object at an enemy next to you will occasionally create a dummy object in the player's position that you can pick up that does nothing.
  • Dancers near stairs or other impassible tiles can occasionally move to the player's position.
  • Enemies can spawn under the player when entering a new floor.

Feel free to ask any questions you have about particular elements of the game. Beware, this page might contain spoilers.

Thank you! Good feedback. I'll probably polish the icon and poster a little bit in the future, just getting this out for 7DRL.

sucks tbh