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Tower Noire

A small coffeebreak roguelike inspired by Cave Noire, Little Nemo, and Powder. · By Cow

Bugs Megathread Sticky

A topic by Cow created Mar 10, 2018 Views: 96 Replies: 2
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Known issues:

  • Falling down a hole can lead you to getting stuck in a wall.
  • Throwing an object at an enemy next to you will occasionally create a dummy object in the player's position that you can pick up that does nothing.
  • Dancers near stairs or other impassible tiles can occasionally move to the player's position.
  • Enemies can spawn under the player when entering a new floor.

I noticed the following bug. Go down to the next floor (falling or stairs can do this) such that an enemy has spawned beneath the player, then access your inventory as your first action. The game will crash as shown in the image below. I don't think it depends on your inventory, though I always have a full inventory at the time this happens. I'm assuming it's because there is an enemy beneath me, since it only happens sometimes when I start a new floor. I could also be mixing up the keys (as I often do in this game) and am actually pressing the wait key instead. Either way, I press a button that isn't movement and get the error.


I think I know how to fix this off-hand. Thanks for the report, and sorry about the issue.