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Courtney Spivey

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Love the art and mechanics, really solid gameplay as well! Great submission :) 

Amazing game!!!

Thanks so much! And yeah our sound designer is magic ✨🎊

Thanks for letting us know!! We'll try to actually finish the game after the review period ends and will be on the lookout for that bug :) 

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Thank you for playing! Could u tell me a bit more about where you got stuck? We didn't implement the game win and over screens much because our team only could work on this jam over the weekend instead of the full week, but if you run into those screens just reload the webpage and you should be able to move around in game again. If it's a different issue let us know!!

Thanks for the feedback! Glad you enjoyed the game :)

Haha glad you enjoyed!! xD

Really dug the character design and the atmosphere! 

Love the 3D modeling and the story! Gameplay was too sensitive for me and boat was hard to navigate. Enjoyed what I was able to get through though :)

Really awesome set of puzzles, couldn't solve them all haha and the music absolutely slaps!

This game was really unsettling!! Loved the creepy atmosphere, very cool concept!

Thank you so much!

Thank you so much! Sorry I missed the stream, I hope you had fun playing! 

Loved the 3D modeling and the swirly textures! Would love to see the full game, as of now it's feels like a relaxing phone game

Couldn't play the game far but the concept is cool! Liked the ambient sounds for the forest, very moody and appropriate :)

Interesting remake of the fireboy/watergirl game! 

Thank you thank you, we had some very talented artists & programmers to work with :)

Haha thank you! We thought it was reminiscent of the flash fish games genre and those games were so fun! Glad you liked it :)