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I'm glad you're enjoying it! To get the player character to sit/sleep I made an event on the tile I want them to interact with. The condition for the event is either "Player Touch" or "Confirm Button" depending on what I want to player to do. When interacted with, the event triggers a "Move Route" (Found under "Event Control" in the Command Insert Window) that moves the player character. Be sure to select "Hero" instead of "This Event" in the drop-down menu of the Character Move Route and to have the "Wait Until Done" box checked so the player can't control the character in the middle of the route. To get the character in the sitting position, I used the Party Graphics command to switch the player to a sitting spritesheet in between Move Routes.

Hope that makes sense. It sucks there aren't a lot of resources for Wolf RPG Editor since I find it a lot more accommodating graphics-wise than RPG Maker (Which I am also learning.) If there's something you can't figure out in Wolf, it might help to look up an RPG Maker guide on it and then see if Wolf has an equivalent feature. That's how I figured out most of what I know.

I'm glad you liked it! Dream exploration games have been a fascination of mine for a long time too. I'm not sure what my plans are for the game when it's done, but I will certainly keep it in mind, thank you for the generous offer!

I'm so glad you like it and I love seeing the video you did! Seeing how you went about exploring gave me some ideas on how to clarify things for the player. And thank you for pointing out those bugs! 

I really enjoyed this game! I don't know how many effects there are but I found the crowbar, psychedelic and cordyceps (which was a great idea for an effect). Honestly I think the game's small size is to its benefit. It's short and sweet with consistent quality throughout and one of my favorites of this jam I've played so far.

A very sweet game! I had a great time with the room where you can try on all the different outfits. Love all the little references!

Wow nice job finishing so many features for your game in only six weeks! I especially liked how the bedroom rug changed to eyes in the dream and the effect equip animation.

Thanks for playing it! I was very strongly influenced by certain aspects of the style of Mother 3 because I'm in love with it. I haven't read Left Hand of Darkness yet so it's not a reference on purpose but I am cool with saying it is. 

The third effect is found by interacting with all three tree stumps in the forest area which I realize now is probably too obscure and I'm gonna edit it. 

The hooded figure event got me. I was not expecting that! Also I appreciate the fact that the speed effect is at the start. Nice job!

The stained glass nexus is absolutely fabulous! Also the room with the giant candle and bird is my favorite.

I always love seeing your candy colored graphics! The princess effect is my favorite.

That's a very interesting setting for a YNFG. I enjoyed clicking the TV over and over to read all the messages.

That did fix the problem, thanks! I was able to put on the gas mask go into the city and look around.

I like how many little details there are like the cash register making noise and the descriptions of things in the protagonist's room. Also the giant shadows of fish do a good job of creating a feeling of how small the player character is for the underwater area. Very nice demo!

The little detail of Cid having their eyes closed when they're dreaming is clever! Looking forward to collecting more cats and I'm very interested in seeing how the tarot card reading system develops in future updates.

Also,  I'm not sure if it was a bug, but I couldn't seem to get the effects to work. Do you have to be in a certain location to use them?

Thanks! It was my first attempt at eventing more complicated than dialog so I'm excited to learn how to do more advanced things as I update it.

A really clever concept for a game! I had flashbacks to when I did this in school.

Adorable game. The reveal of the protagonist was my favorite part!

Hell's actually pretty cool then. I love your design sense!

10/10 Would break legs again.