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Thanks, I'm glad you liked it! My contact info can be found in the read me file that came with the game.

I had a fantastic time playing your game! The theming and mood of the worlds is so on point and I really love the telescope nexus. Even just moving around with the eight direction smooth animation protagonist sprite feels great. All of the graphics are so polished and solid and the limited color palettes gives the feel of playing an actual retro game. (One little bug I noticed was some of the tables in the apartment complex have sections that appear on top of the tip of the protagonist's head when the protagonist is standing in front of them.)

I can tell you put a lot of love an attention into the game since there are little clever surprises throughout that make exploration feel even more rewarding. I really loved the trash planet especially because the extra attention to details like the multi-layered design and having everything have a little animation or sound effect play when it's interacted with.

I'm glad you liked it! (Yeah, it does kind of just end in the state the game is at right now. I do plan on expanding it in the future!)

I finished the game! The linear order of worlds is an interesting idea I haven't seen before. It works well here since it's a shorter jam game. The guide helped a lot. I don't know if I missed instructions somewhere but I didn't realize there was a menu until I saw it in the guide and I had to press every button on the keyboard before I figured out it was assigned to "c".

My favorite world was the one that looked like you were seeing Julie from a stalker's point of view through a telescope. (At least, that was my interpretation of it.) The creepy music sold it very well.

Your game was fun to play! I can tell you worked really hard on it. It looks like you got a ton done in the time of the jam. There's even an amount of polish on some sections like the lighting overlays which is crazy to get done in such a short time. 

I was able to find all the available effects and mementos. The FAQ in the read me file was a big help, I appreciate that. I had some trouble with figuring out which hotel guests were necessary to talk to though. I woke up several times and would talk to everyone available, and I think the characters with dialog options are the ones who affect the dream, but even after finding everything I'm still not sure exactly what they change. A few more in-game hints about that would be helpful. 

I thought the water pedestal puzzle was neat, though I spent a lot of time trying to get water from the fountains in that area and I'm still not sure if/why you can't use them. (I did eventually find a different source for water.) Nice job with the glass effect keeping the liquid the player picked up even after switching to another effect! A lot of fan games would not have been able to get that to work properly.

The protagonist staying at a hotel idea is neat, I haven't seen that before. I liked how the messy room and the concierge's comment about it help establish her personality. The mementos are also a nice way to reveal some of her history to the player. This is a great start to a game and I look forward to seeing any future updates!

Julie's sprite is very cute, I like how her pigtails flip flop when she walks. I found a knife, then went to sleep and found one coin but then wandered around the pink cherry blossom area for ten minutes and couldn't figure out how to leave. I might have to wait until your guide is complete to see more of this game. I did enjoy seeing the nice art of the cherry blossom trees though!

You do a great job suggesting so much about Paint's world and psyche through little to no text. I especially like how you take the opportunity to have Paint's home tell us about them. I feel like a lot of YNFGs miss this. Every detail from the ancient computer, the pedestals with missing statues, and the lone chair in front of the massive aquarium expresses to me a strong feeling of melancholy. Even small details like the cracked and leaking title communicate that this is a place that is continuing on long past its prime. 

Paint's dreamlands alternately show Paint's good-natured inner world and reflect the bleakness of the world they live in. Your drawings are really charming and I love how the hand drawn style mirrors Paint's love of crafting. Overall the game's setting and character feel well rounded and like there's much more to learn about them both. Out of curiosity I tried decoding the language Paint and the others speak in and it was cool to see that it is an English cypher. I really enjoyed your game and I'm glad I got to play it!

This game is such a visual treat! It's rare to see a game with such a fully conceptualized and unique sense of style. I really loved the opening animation and it does a great job of setting the mood. All the game's textures are beautiful. I'm curious, does your artistic process include traditional media at any point or is it fully digital?

I didn't think to try decoding the text until I read someone else's comment but I'm glad I did eventually! I love decoding cyphers. (I've done the main font so far, I haven't tried to tackle the journal language yet.) I'm excited to see how the game develops in future updates!

WOW I am absolutely in love with this game so excuse me while I gush over it! The visuals and music do such an amazing job of capturing the colorful neon plastic feeling of Vegas with just a little bit of underlying scuzziness. Each area is so unique and striking and your sense of color design is wonderful. Also I am incredibly jealous of how you're able to draw pixel trees. I'm over here taking notes. And am I correct in sensing some very direct Mother 3 and LSD Dream Emulator influences? 

I did encounter some bugs, but that's understandable since it's a demo and there's a lot of content. I'm not sure what triggered it, but after the second time I went out for the day, the main character no longer had collision with anything so I could walk through walls and was no longer able to go to sleep so I had to start a new game. Also I went off the track of the escalators in the mall section somehow.

Despite it being a work in progress, I'm super impressed by how creative and ambitious the project is overall. There's so many details to love. The tiger ladder climbing animation. The mermaid effect. And I'm dying to find out who this blond woman who keeps showing up is. I don't know if you're planning on continuing the project after this jam, but I'm very excited to see whatever you have in store for the future!

I completed the game! I can't say I fully understand it all, but I had a good time playing it. It was super weird and super weird is super good in my book.

As someone who was in art school for way too many years, I find the premise of the game so relatable. When you're sleep deprived and stressed about inspiration and upcoming deadlines hallucinating like that is definitely possible! But seriously, it was fun to see your game develop over the course of the jam. Seeing someone as creative and driven as you is always inspiring to me. Your art is lovely, and you got a huge amount done this jam. The train and railway map nexus is so creative and original. (Train of thought? Is that the pun?!) The giant notebook you can walk on is also really memorable, I loved that.

One thing I'd comment on is it took me a very long time to find the manhole in the statue/rabbit garden because it blended in with the other statue bits so well. That could just be me being unobservant though. Also a couple bugs I noticed were that the first two cubes you encounter in the pink checkerboard area have incorrect collision and the gold rose painting in the studio is on a layer on top of the player character.

I'm pretty sure I found everything. That one particular event was WOW and now I'm intrigued to find out more about Amora. (I also really liked how you communicated that I couldn't bring my invisible friend in.) I really enjoyed playing and I'm excited to play any future updates!

Thank you for the kind words! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Wow, playing this is really a trip! A cryptic and unsettling game (which I mean in a good way). I haven't figured it all out yet, but I am curious to find out what the connection between the purple character and the black and white character is. I'm assuming the description and read me file are vague because you don't want to give too much away so I won't ask for too much of an explanation, but I want to make sure, the lack of menu is intentional, right? I got stuck somewhere and I couldn't figure out how to leave a few times so I closed and opened the game again and it seems to have autosaved. I've also made it to the green hospital a few times, but every time I try to step outside the room I start in the game warps me to a place where I can't move. Is that working as intended?

The combination of 2D and 3D assets gives the game a unique atmosphere, I don't think I've ever seen a YN fangame do that. The areas that stood out to me the most are the match room and a room with a giant grey and red 3D object that is continually rotating. Both really striking, unique and enigmatic areas. 

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Thanks, I'm glad you liked it!

I'm glad you're enjoying it! To get the player character to sit/sleep I made an event on the tile I want them to interact with. The condition for the event is either "Player Touch" or "Confirm Button" depending on what I want to player to do. When interacted with, the event triggers a "Move Route" (Found under "Event Control" in the Command Insert Window) that moves the player character. Be sure to select "Hero" instead of "This Event" in the drop-down menu of the Character Move Route and to have the "Wait Until Done" box checked so the player can't control the character in the middle of the route. To get the character in the sitting position, I used the Party Graphics command to switch the player to a sitting spritesheet in between Move Routes.

Hope that makes sense. It sucks there aren't a lot of resources for Wolf RPG Editor since I find it a lot more accommodating graphics-wise than RPG Maker (Which I am also learning.) If there's something you can't figure out in Wolf, it might help to look up an RPG Maker guide on it and then see if Wolf has an equivalent feature. That's how I figured out most of what I know.

I'm glad you liked it! Dream exploration games have been a fascination of mine for a long time too. I'm not sure what my plans are for the game when it's done, but I will certainly keep it in mind, thank you for the generous offer!

I'm so glad you like it and I love seeing the video you did! Seeing how you went about exploring gave me some ideas on how to clarify things for the player. And thank you for pointing out those bugs! 

I really enjoyed this game! I don't know how many effects there are but I found the crowbar, psychedelic and cordyceps (which was a great idea for an effect). Honestly I think the game's small size is to its benefit. It's short and sweet with consistent quality throughout and one of my favorites of this jam I've played so far.

A very sweet game! I had a great time with the room where you can try on all the different outfits. Love all the little references!

Wow nice job finishing so many features for your game in only six weeks! I especially liked how the bedroom rug changed to eyes in the dream and the effect equip animation.

Thanks for playing it! I was very strongly influenced by certain aspects of the style of Mother 3 because I'm in love with it. I haven't read Left Hand of Darkness yet so it's not a reference on purpose but I am cool with saying it is. 

The third effect is found by interacting with all three tree stumps in the forest area which I realize now is probably too obscure and I'm gonna edit it. 

The hooded figure event got me. I was not expecting that! Also I appreciate the fact that the speed effect is at the start. Nice job!

The stained glass nexus is absolutely fabulous! Also the room with the giant candle and bird is my favorite.

I always love seeing your candy colored graphics! The princess effect is my favorite.

That's a very interesting setting for a YNFG. I enjoyed clicking the TV over and over to read all the messages.

That did fix the problem, thanks! I was able to put on the gas mask go into the city and look around.

I like how many little details there are like the cash register making noise and the descriptions of things in the protagonist's room. Also the giant shadows of fish do a good job of creating a feeling of how small the player character is for the underwater area. Very nice demo!

The little detail of Cid having their eyes closed when they're dreaming is clever! Looking forward to collecting more cats and I'm very interested in seeing how the tarot card reading system develops in future updates.

Also,  I'm not sure if it was a bug, but I couldn't seem to get the effects to work. Do you have to be in a certain location to use them?

Thanks! It was my first attempt at eventing more complicated than dialog so I'm excited to learn how to do more advanced things as I update it.

A really clever concept for a game! I had flashbacks to when I did this in school.

Adorable game. The reveal of the protagonist was my favorite part!

Hell's actually pretty cool then. I love your design sense!

I picked up this filing cabinet and I'm taking it with me. Very cute game!

And yes, I found the secret redundant and pointless ending.

10/10 Would break legs again.