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I'm so happy for you that you perfected your wall jumping mechanic

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That tip definitely makes it enjoyable to play, thanks!!

Who thought Minions and SCP would fit so well togheter

It's so pretty and so reminding of Among Us although not sure if you intended

Sometimes I've got spawn killed but I love how smooth the exploring is in this game!!!

The dashing mechanic inevitably starts bugging out, but definitely had a great time until that :D

It's kind of fun how in depth it seems at the first glance

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we had this on our whiteboard on the first day :))

Definitely one of the prettiest games in this jam. Did not expect the need of a pistol or more levels but that's a nice touch too!

Hey, Joel. You've nailed the gameplay once again!

You definitely succeed in that. Finding information about ants isn't the easiest thing to do even if it seems like. Ant keeping communities would be willing give any information on this topic. As I am already here, I would tell you all about ants too! 

I haven't dragged the data file out so Game maker was opening another game. It feels unique and  comfy to play.

I can't believe I've lost to a slime but as a first experience with a rpg maker game, it felt pretty solid.

Chrome needs to change its dino game for sure!

Thanks for the timer. I totally didn't spend more that I originally intended...had fun though.

Damn if this isn't one good trippy enderman simulator.

I've used to be an antkeeper so I must say this is very unrealistic, hah, but the core mechanics  and its graphic style could be made into an amazing simulator!

Love the menu concept. Should have made the asteroids spawn above you though since as it is now it's almost instant death.

Level design is good but you know...not sure what kind of pricess would want to be saved by a blob of black goo, heh.

I've got the boss out of the map, hah. It's well done and I love the Hollow Knight vibes it gives.

Sound effects are orgasmic!

Everything interacts with everything and this especially makes it fun to play

I get some Groundhog day/Edge of tomorrow vibes out of this

Some nice art would add to the high potential it has!

It feels really nice to play!

Remember Trap Adventure? This is the next generation!

This game makes me go Wowwwieeee!

I would love to know more on how you've made such a satisfying jump mechanic!

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It's on a level that it shouldn't be satisfying but it is!Great job!

I haven't had much of a taste with this genre but your game made me fall in love with it. Music plays a great deal in that too.

Too bad I am a little too late on this one but I've had a blast...and a small issue.  Not sure why the rover gets stuck just before it reaches the pod (can move backwards). Keep up the good work!

Congratulations on the 1.0 release!

Thanks for the review! Will fix that as well.

You are more like a being made of nuclear waste and no, currently you only need to survive the enemies. Thanks for playing!