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Cheers, CH! :)

Thanks, glad you liked it! And yeah, he's a bit of a happy-go-lucky type of dude haha. 

Hey! Where are you stuck? What's in your inventory?

Thanks so much!

Yeah, that's how it worked with those games. I'll add a note about that here. :)

It tells you the red button is on the console, so you need to get to the center of the big console, and then try and press it. 

Thank you! The game recognizes a large number of synonyms. If you're stuck let me know, maybe I can offer a hint. 


Thanks, glad to hear! He sort of does, going through the portal, but I suppose it could have been made clearer.



Thanks so much! The sequel is out if you wanna try it out. 

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Hey everyone! Tachyon Dreams II: The Bloated Can of Space Root Beer is out! A FREE comedic sci-fi text-parser adventure game akin to late 80's Space Quest games!

Get it while it's hot:

The adventures of Dodger through space and time continue! Previously a dish washer (person, not a machine!) onboard Space Station Penrose, Dodger must travel the space-time continuum and inter-dimensional highways to save the universe from the Tgorodians, a bunch of of time-travelling thugs in search of the fabled Garden World!

Have fun & let me know what you think! 

Cosmic Void

Thanks for the kind words, glad you enjoyed the demo! 

Oh cool I didn't know it was here too, just got it moments ago on Steam! Very cool looking! Hope to play it soon so I can leave a review. =) 

Cheers! There's a sequel in the making, too! 

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Thanks! What's your Twitch channel? I'd love to watch your playthrough.

With regards to the mushroom: you may be able to use it in one of the future rooms (snowy rooms). Mind the name of the item. 'Spongy mushroom piece' -> does it give you an idea of what to do with it? Hint: what would you do with a sponge? The oil is inside, and you need to get it out. Let me know if that helps!

Thanks, glad you liked it! 

Thanks, man!

Cheers, kind words!


Looks absolutely great!


Very glad to hear! 

Thank you very much!

Hints with regards to the mushroom: when you picked it up, it commented on its smell. Trying smelling it. It might be relevant for something you may want to do in the future (snowy rooms). Any idea?

If you realize what you may need to do with it, then mind its full item name, 'spongy mushroom piece', there's a clue in the name.

If you're still stuck let me know! 

Thank you, really glad to hear it! Already working on part 2. :) 

Look into chimney / look inside chimney / look down chimney / search chimney all work, but I should make 'look in chimney' work as well. So I guess I'll have to patch it tomorrow. :)

Hey! Tried searching the chimney (near the snowman)?

So happy you enjoyed the game! :) All the best! 

Glad you like it! :) If you try to eat the berry it tells you something important about it. Maybe there's something somewhere that can help with that? Maybe on the station?

Thanks! :)


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Hey! Thanks for the suggestions! There are three objects you can search in the first future room (where the snowman is). You seem to have searched two of the three. There is an item there that can help you with what you're trying to do. 

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True! I surmised it was prominent enough as to not need to be mentioned, but I agree that it should have. Thanks! 

Thanks for the kind words! Yes, definitely, I'm always open to the idea of more and better hints - can you please specify where for example you tried a certain something and the parser was too strict? :)

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Cheers Vasilis! Usually all you need to do is type 'look' to get the names of all the things you can interact with. There isn't a command that directly highlights names as such. If you get stuck I'll be happy to dispense hints!

Tachyon Dreams is a FREE text parser adventure game that faithfully recreates the style of mid 80's Sierra AGI games. Get it now! :)

Absolutely terrific atmosphere! I dug the puzzles so much. :)

Cheers! Hope to get it out soon!

My deep thanks. Glad you enjoyed the game!