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Cosmic Orrery Games

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Delightfully creative and entertaining. Wonderful aesthetics and layout. Well worth the price. :)

Well you nailed the core combat mechanics!

This is beautifully elegant and a surprisingly succinct translation of video game mechanics that actual work and are fun to play!

Would love to see a "setting" or "play advice" style document!

Delightfully tiny!

An amazing little zine with amazing artwork from an amazing artist/author. 

Love your work!


They look great! Im quite curios to see what some of others will look like. They don't seem too intense at all, I think they fit the mood quite well.

Resolving Karma sounds like it would be a fun way to insert Dilemmas into the story. Having to choose which attachments to sacrifice and what not. I'm glad this conversation was helpful!

Very nice! I love the idea of Karma as mechanic where the higher it gets the more power but at greater risk. It can be hard to work that kind of dynamic into a game but it sounds like karma would catch it well. Might I suggest the inclusion of kind of a checklist/"if the players do this" or what have you for karma  so that a GM has a nice list to quickly consult to see if players gain karma or not? :)

The Requiring a ritual too creates a nice dynamic that encourages planning ahead and preparations since there is still a fail/die state.

I really like Propriety as a mechanic, it fits the tone well, I also really enjoy the Ability Damage Die doing damage to relevant stats (government documents, hah!).

How/what exactly does Ability Armour do? Is it provided by items? So like a properly filled out passport prevents Propriety damage? If so that could make a fun micro-game with in the large game of collecting/doing the relevant things to get armour (kind of like collecting oddities).

It may be a neat/good idea to tie Arcanum into Ability Armour and Damage, with particular items providing one or both. So like, the Pen of Immortal Bureaucracy can do propriety damage and defend you against it.

Reincarnation looks like it could create an interesting dynamic. Would it work analogous to traditional replacement characters but carrying over karma and such? Karma should defiantly affect how you reincarnated (perhaps affecting nature score?) though I would assume you already have that in mind.

This system looks like it has a lot of potential. Can't wait to see the end result! 

Thank you! I found the image on and just had to make something out of it. I just saw yours as well, brilliant idea to make a mini-game out of failed careers. 

Thank you.

I was just wondering if the jam had a deadline when it ended or if we can just keep adding things?