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Hey thanks for your kind words, really really appreciate it! <3

I did, there has been some major updates, you can read about it here! :D

Watch the trailer until the end for something cool! :wags tail:

nah, the demo just isn't ready yet (A lot of things have already been programmed at least). These last two years haven't been easy on everyone so things have slowed down significantly, and I've been focusing all my efforts on my own indie game pretty much. BUT I still plan on releasing a demo for Cosmic Network once I have my footing and some more time, so don't worry ;)

Thank you!


Thank you!!! :D

Heheh XD


The project is still alive ;)

Hi! Yes, all of Chrono's attacks are blockable/dodge-able. Even that giant laser beam! There's actually a delay once he moves in front of Bella after charging the laser beam. you have to wait for the "!" to pop up for your shield to work. Btw, a lot of the Murk attacks are being updated to have better cues so that gameplay experience is improved! please look forward to future updates ;) All murks will be S-rankable no matter what

It's not. LunarLux is my main project and is still being developed, the full game will take some time to complete and it requires a lot of development time; while this game is something I'm developing on the side, both are being worked on simultaneously :) The scope of this game is much smaller so development is a bit easier! 


Thank you! :)


Thanks so much for playing! :)

Thank you! :) The promo Artwork was drawn by @Penporo! and the In-Game art was made by me XD

Yoo, just watched your video, thank you so much for playing! I'm really happy you enjoyed the experience!!!!  :)

Tetra: Pew Pew! Can't wait for Part 2! Hehe

Bellaaaaaaaaaaa check out this video!

Correct, your rank is determined by how many times you get hit. If you dont get hit, you’ll get an S rank :)


Alrighty here's some screenshots for you ;) 

The secret cavern can be found behind this rock! you can enter that cavern aaaaand,

This spot in the cavern is where Murks can be encountered. After you win the battle, leave the cavern and come back and the encounter can be reset. (3 different Murks can be fought here, entirely randomized)

Hope this helps! I love your questions <3

1) Currently max astrotech is around 250, you can farm astrotech in the secret cavern found in Regolithia (Map 1) by fighting Murks in the Cavern and getting S-Ranks!

2) The Battle Theme is called Astral Duel! There has been increasing requests for me to release the soundtrack, so i’ll be doing that very soon! :)

Thanks for playing! :)

Thank you for playing :)

Yup! Chapter 1 is on Steam!

Heres the link:

The respawning & randomizing of the  Bytes in the cavern was intentional, but I'm planning on removing that once the full game rolls around. I wanted players to have a way to get Bytes if they were very low on it. Lucky for you, you found Echo the Space Cat! There's only a 25% chance of encountering Echo so you're loaded with Bytes hahaha.

Here's the Quest Guide! I feel like the first image is the Lunar Panel you're looking for ;)

Ayye thanks so much for playing! Glad you're enjoying it :) You know what, I'll create a visual guide for players (if they get stuck) showing exactly where all the items can be found for the Lunar Panel Quest! I'll be posting a DevLog soon on itch so stay tuned!

Thanks for playing! :)

Heyy, thanks so much for playing! Your feedback is greatly appreciated :) enter the secret cavern (entrance can be found in map 1) with a jet suit and in the cavern, fly to the top right corner of the map, there should be some ancient markings on the wall that the orb will automatically react to ;) have fun!

LunarLux is made in RPG Maker 2003 engine which unfortunately doesn't have controller support. There is a way though! I was able to play with my PS4 or Xbox Controller through a separate software (DS4Windows) where u can map the keyboard keys to your controller buttons. Sorry for the inconvenience Sammy! ;o

Thank you very much!! ;D I'm very happy you enjoyed the demo and had fun! <3

That would be so awesome! Thanks for the support and for playing, it means alot to me :) (Cosmic Star Heroine is a great game btw hehe)

Thank you so much for playing! :D I’ll do my best!

Thank you soooo much! This is extremely motivating for me, I’ll do my best to make an amazing full game that you will enjoy :)))

Thanks for playing! Megaman Starforce is definitely an inspiration for me ;)

Toasty nails it with its comedy, story, and charming pixel art. Its crispy, its crunchy, and its making me hungry! LOL Fantastic job on this game, i would highly recommend to everyone!

Thank you so much for playing LunarLux!!! Ahhh im glad you enjoyed it! :)

Thank you!

Thanks so much for playing!

Thanks so much Nym!