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1) Currently max astrotech is around 250, you can farm astrotech in the secret cavern found in Regolithia (Map 1) by fighting Murks in the Cavern and getting S-Ranks!

2) The Battle Theme is called Astral Duel! There has been increasing requests for me to release the soundtrack, so i’ll be doing that very soon! :)

Thanks for playing! :)


Hey Nobab, 

You gave me more questions.

#3: Which map is Regolithia, and inside Regolithia:

#4: Where is that cavern, and:

#5: How can I trigger Murk battles int the cavern?


a fan of your game.



Alrighty here's some screenshots for you ;) 

The secret cavern can be found behind this rock! you can enter that cavern aaaaand,

This spot in the cavern is where Murks can be encountered. After you win the battle, leave the cavern and come back and the encounter can be reset. (3 different Murks can be fought here, entirely randomized)

Hope this helps! I love your questions <3

Thanks a lot!

Do I get S rank if I don't get hit?

Correct, your rank is determined by how many times you get hit. If you dont get hit, you’ll get an S rank :)