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Wow, thank you! This story was especially fun to write because I wrote the whole thing dropping as many "easter egg" references as I could for people who have read the other stories. Giving clues on "???" (ty for the spoiler marks!) throughout,  for example.

I am so glad to hear how much you enjoyed them. And I have to say, if I had to pick a "world" that is a favorite, I'd also choose the Vogvhathos world. Just... maybe don't tell Igbael that. ;)

Thank you so much for letting me know! I'll go over the script and find the spots and patch the game. :)

Thank you so much for taking time to let me know how much you enjoyed it! It always means the world to me.

Since you are interested in playing again, some tips on varied outcome:

"Hidden" ending requirement (you may have gotten this, but if not): 1.when prompted to gather companions, choose Gruzi as one 2.Visit Gruzi at the cabin 3. After recruiting a... stony companion make sure to read ALL camp chats before the final city 4. Have a HIGH "???" score

Main variations otherwise: 1. supportive or unsupportive city choices 2. Romance or not, especially regarding Vogvhathos 3. Very low "???" meter compared to your likely high one

Thank you for playing.😄

Thank you! And you know, I bet they would do the same. Except... Gruzi would probably have a few choice words, first.😆

Thank you so much for playing and letting me know you enjoyed it!

Good luck on your further journey, and I hope you enjoy whatever other(s) you choose to play.🤗

Thank you! I am glad you are enjoying it. Good luck on your quest.😄😏

Thank you for the feedback, I'll take a look at that :)

Thank you for playing and taking the time to let me know you enjoyed it! It's always inspiring to hear :)

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Thank you! And yes, haha, I wasn't quite sure what to classify it as, either, especially considering how it ends.

As to ending types, I'll try to be vague enough not to spoil too much but anyone who hasn't played **SPOILER ALERT**!

The main different endings are affected by 1. Where you go in the middle (you can be cornered) 2. If you get a gift when visiting the couple 3. If you accept Mirror's request 4. If Gina trusts you 5. Pending the other items, your own contamination level is taken into account.

Overall if you 'succeed' in the first four having high scores/trust, you will get the 'happy' ending. But yes, fail enough of them and have high enough contamination and it can go quite horribly. As to specifically how many ending differences, it depends what all is counted- but I would say about six.

Thank you again for playing and for the feedback!

Awesome, thank you! ^_^

This has been patched :) Let me know if you have any issues with it- I had to delete options like music changes etc. (Music files are a huge size hit.)

Ok, you convinced me. Making a patch to web is just... tedious, as I have to reduce the size from 190mb or so to 50mb. That's a lot of 'ok how much can I get rid of' testing, haha. I'll update here once it has been patched. :)

Favorite animal out of anything? Hm. All right- the desert rain frog, then. I can't watch that thing make noise without laughing to tears. (Youtube Worlds Cutest Frog). Sounds like a dog's squeaky toy, lol.

No worries! I have uploaded a patch for Android devices that is 3.0.2. It adds a button for you. I have not patched the web version, mostly because that barely even works on PC so it is not really recommended for mobile. (Known issue with the Ren'Py software and hasn't been fixed that I am aware of.) Let me know if it still won't work :) 

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Thank you so much, especially because you say you've played more than one ^_^ Sorry to hear you are having issues, can you tell me which device you were on? I will take a look at adding that option for anyone who can't get past it as well, just in case. I'll update here when I've implemented it.

I updated the original software engine and patched a new version of Telvoikai that is playable -hopefully- on newer and more devices. Let me know if you still have issues! Also... just since you enjoy the story I thought I'd mention I am actually in the progress of making a VN game for the story. Hopefully coming soon and thank you so much for playing <3

You should be able to click the APK in your device and it should ask 'Install?' and it installs it. However, it may just be that the app needs an update! I will take a look at patching and adding a newer version just in case. I should be able to patch it tonight. I'll update here once I've had a chance to take a look, thanks for letting me know!

I am so glad you enjoyed it! I am in fact working on a game right now that is going to connect to this, but it will be a different type of game. I have more information on my Discord channel if you don't want to wait until I officially announce it on Instagram or here :)
The game will be called X.E.H.A. Rogue, and it is in a way a direct sequel to Telvoikai.  If you watch the left wall at the end of DotVC, you can spot a hint at the connection to the game I am working on, too, just by knowing what I've just said here.
Thank you for taking the time to play and let me know your thoughts!

Thank you so much! And good job on the ending, not every playthrough makes it that far.😄

Divyan is not. Possible romances are *semispoiler warning for anyone reading*:

Gaven, Phimeia, Twenty-Two, Lyirdan, and Zheng.

Patch 3.2.0 has been added and I believe what was causing the issue has been found and fixed! If you have further issues, please do not hesitate to let me know. You call it an 'app', so I am guessing you are on the Android version- if you download again the same way it *should* automatically patch it for you, and you can hopefully continue right where you left off :)

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Hello! This game is actually not available on the app store, but can be downloaded right from this page. If you click 'download now', the version you need begins with 'com.corvaena...'. It will prompt asking for a donation but you can just click 'no thanks, bring me to downloads'. Once installed, if it does not prompt to fully install automatically it should show up in your APK folder on your device. Please feel free to reach out on Twitter or Instagram if you still have issues (@corvaena) and thank you for your interest in the game! 

Definitely a bug! There must be a branch I missed. I will check into this and hopefully have a patch in the next day for it. Thank you for letting me know. So glad you are enjoying the game. :)

A good question that actually came up in testing! I do have a canon idea of how they would appear, but it was right on the line for if people wanted to imagine Zheng their own way or if they preferred I paint one. It sounds like you would prefer an image? I am on the fence myself.

I am so glad you enjoyed the story! Thank you for taking time to let me know and tell me thoughts. ^_^

Thank you so much, Biljanash! It always means a lot to hear how much someone enjoyed the story.

Thank you for taking time to play and comment! Lubien is a favorite of quite a few people, from what I've been told. So is Athos. Then again, you don't *have* to choose between those two at all. ;)

Thank you so much for the feedback! (As well as your extended version in DM ^_^). It is extremely helpful in shaping any edits to this game as well as future stories.

Thank you, Rozozzy! The snippet at the end actually is canonically a character from that exact story, so I am extra happy someone noticed. 😄 I hope to remake Telvoikai as a standalone eventually, too.

Thank you for playing and taking the time to let me know! Different endings depend heavily on ** SEMI-SPOILER ** what your friends think of you, which items you do or do not get (ex: space blanket?), and whether or not you decide to break the canister at the end. (Your friend will give her opinion on the subject and in some branches you do not understand her.) Without knowing what ending you have it is hard to say which will get you a different one- but if you experiment with what I list here it should help :)

Thank you so much! I am working on my next game and hope to have a sample chapter in the next month or two. If you'd like to see WIPs and concept art for it I post a lot on Instagram (Corvaena).

As a fan of horror movies and games I do agree Dust isn't really true horror but with what the violet dust does and the way the story is laid out I wasn't sure what else to label it as. Quite a few of my stories are a hodgepodge of sorts, but all of them end up having a heavy dose of fantasy/epic fantasy by the end.

Thank you again for playing and letting me know you enjoyed it!

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Thank you very much! This game was my first attempt and intended as a prototype so I am not surprised it feels a bit 'rough'. I really appreciate you taking the time to let me know your thoughts, and if you are ever inspired to share more detailed feedback feel free to reach out to me on Instagram or Twitter (@Corvaena). Thank you for playing!

The Dust of the Violet Crystals


A flesh-eating dust blows through your small town and you are forced to survive against hordes of Listless humans! Starved for social interaction you find yourself questioning your sanity when a voice speaks directly into your mind. Can you make the right choices and survive to the end? Or will you fail and drag others to their death along with you?


- An inventory system with some usable items that you need to choose from carefully to keep your health as high as possible.

- Every choice has some impact on gameplay and dialogues.

- Multiple endings primarily based on accumulative choices.


This game is a short story prototype that I will take feedback from and apply to my main stories. It will, by the end, have an obvious connection to further stories. 

It is completely free! Also includes a slightly reduced quality/feature web embed on its game page..

I'd love to hear back from anyone who takes time to check it out! It currently has 4 of the 6 chapters, and I hope to release the final two (written, just not coded and tested) in the next couple weeks.