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the spells are amazing and i would love them a whole lot for euphoria reasons but they don't have levels so we can't prepare/learn them :<

How do I make a tower? Not entirely sure what parts to use to fit the tops

The latest version gives a notif saying "Please wait while we prepare your play session" and then nothing, task manager is also saying its power usage is high

i just downloaded the last one today kjfsdfsd

Yes please, I want to know what on the cards maps to what on the features list

looks like jamminger that's so cool

Can we take this to mean that on paper (or well literally not on paper) the digital version is release-ready?

Is there a way to exit the game other than closing the window?

Are R-rated scenes available at present? If so, how do we get to them?

Reading through the Capacitor's special abilities:

Conduit. Your avatar is able to conduct massive amounts of computational energy. You may trigger an Authority Function without spending the normal cost directed by your crew sheet, however when you do so you must Deresolve at the end of the scene.

Ignite. Pain is temporary but power is forever. Whenever you do not resist damage (ie. you do not use armor, damage-reducing abilities, or download any Harm), gain greater effect on your next function in this scene. When you would Deresolve, you may first perform a final function ignoring any Harm penalties

A couple questions about this:

1) does conduit's deresolution trigger ignite?

2) when you derez, does Ignite let you use an authority function via conduit?

I just remembered this question I asked and your response regarding consequences reminded me of this:

As your hand hovers over the ghost-shape of the unlocked safe, you realize there is a security subroutine inside wired to recognize archival tampering. It takes the shape of a coiled viper, fangs laced with thought-venom. You want to try to defuse it on a Risky roll?

Is this something that can be resisted? If so, what attribute is appropriate for resisting via the equivalent of picking up the snake by the neck?

Yeah, while testing, I was thinking about how rushing it as a beginner would make you splash haha

Thanksies, loved your game too! I'm glad you enjoyed my game. I'm just wondering, what was your interpretation of the allegory?

awww, glad you liked it. if I may, what was your version of the allegory?

Thanks, kinda needed to hear that. As much as I'd rather be fishing, you did what you could with what you got.

Pebble is my husbando now :>

You're not wrong, I can see 11 bugs in this one picture

This game has frogs AND a firebreathing dragonfly.

Good game in my book.

I loved the character designs here, good game all around, Newthaniel is my son now and I wish I had a chance to push him on the swing after the delivery

I love how neither your gender nor the gender of anyone else is specified

bisexual fellas really are frogs huh

Why does the lilypad timer start before I even land on it?

Am I just bad at the game or do enemies spawn too frequently for frogs to keep up?

Also, eggs sometimes land in the middle of swarms...

Feature request I would really love: 2 states with the same hotkey, one is held down, the other is not.

For example:

State 1 (hotkey numpad 1, enter on press)

State 2 (hotkey numpad 2, leave on release)

State 3 (hotkey numpad 2, enter on press)

Initial state: State 1

Hold down numpad 2: State 2

Release numpad 2: State 3

This will be useful for, say, taking a deep breath before screaming, or winding up to slam the desk.

this game is so cute and whimsical and adorable and i made silly characters in my head acting out scenes while reading the playbooks

it's not my kind of game but it reminds me when my buds and i used to roleplay all sorts of characters hanging out and doing stuff and i'm sure this game could easily give someone this same whimsy

In the real world, what you have on you can easily no longer be on you without too much effort. Drop a sword, or put a document in a box, or hand a dollar bill to someone. Is this within the realm of possibility with the rules as written?

For example: a filcher filches two coin worth of crypto on the way to the real quarry: a MEMcrystal containing the instant this User fell in love. But he indulged his recall, and with the two coin he's filled in all four slots. Would he be able, RAI, to drop one coin and take the memcrystal?

Or perhaps on his way out of this scenario a guard catches him, and he gives the other stolen Coin to shut him up. RAI, can he do this? Is the mem slot empty?

Am I even thinking about memory right? Or is there something fundamentally wrong I'm getting?

From the book:

Hmm.. seems like every snapshot in the timeline you can find where the safe is open, it’s also mostly cleared out in that moment? That’s some impressive version control discipline. 

It certainly seems, from the way you put it, that it's possible to scrub the archives without using Authority, or at least prevent something from being recorded. Can the players make use of this? Perhaps erase evidence of opening the door, or ensuring the timeline doesn't have a snapshot of someone stealing a memory?

hi yes i love the ARC foundation and if I'm a player i will likely spend much of my downtime paying a purveyor for access to snapshots of their database as i the person have done with something very similar in the real world

Oooh, a new version releasing this week! Any online playtests I can join as a college student in UTC+8? /j

Side note, my groupmates and I want to make a digital character sheet for Hello World as a class project, is this authorized? And is the web application being public authorized?

Are there any Youtube videos of people running a session of this game? Just to get inspiration on the flavour and on the kinds of scores that can be run.

APNGs appear not to play at all here? I'll need to do more fiddling around but it seems like APNGs when speaking are stuck on the first frame, is this fixed in later versions?

I see, so they can still have some form of identity with their RAM, but without external storage that's basically all they can have?

Now that I think about it, if someone got stripped of all the mem they've been carrying and then got derezzed, then... oh my god that's a vicious punishment to inflict.

Memory in the game is a scarce resource, but in the real world what it allows is kind of taken for granted. So I'd like to ask: what's the experience of a user like if they have little, or even no, access to external memory? Do they experience time at all? Is it like waking up in the same day every day, not knowing a thing about the last day? Maybe like one of the people in Groundhog Day that don't experience the loops? Do they have a name? Or a favourite anything? How much of World can they process with only their built-in RAM?

Can't wait to see them! I was first exposed to this game from a friend sending me a copy but we fell out of contact before session 1 ;w; I'm saving up though!

Hello, World community · Created a new topic Future Crews

Hello, may I ask about the crews being worked on? I'd like to know what's in the works, just as a way to indulge in my curiosity.

"Rez Queue" is how I will be referring to it as well now. I suppose I never really noticed as I am far less pedantic, apparently.

Though... Maybe it could be a heap? Do you think that admin deliberately keeps the worst offenders there the longest?

I love Oswald and Alice so much and sincerely hope I'm allowed to be bi because Alice ;w;

Everyone in the party is an absolute blast, I can tell how everyone fits into the five man band (that's a compliment), and the storyline suddenly going in that direction really did get me hooked.