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Glad you liked it! 
Thank you for letting me know about the missing collider, will fix it with next update.

Hey, first of all great job! I enjoyed the game and I wanted to point the things I most enjoyed:

  • The enemies are all unique and thematically fitting, and they managed to prove challenging at times. Can't wait to see more garbage bags trying to smack me around.
  • The art is fitting for the theme of the game: a world full of garbage should be bland and dull, but there is some colour here and there. I liked the interaction with the cactus, which shows that not all is lost.
  • I enjoyed the boss fight and am glad it wasn't just another garbage bag, it was a rather creative choise. I just felt that it was a bit too slow and not that much challenging, maybe if it was a tiny bit faster.
  • I like the duality of the scraping mechanic where you can use it to reload and heal.

Something that I'm not sure whether it's intentional or not but I found a bit annoying was the movement. It mostly felt good and I love the amount of polish that went into the jump (I love variable jump height in games!), but at times it felt a little bit too "slippery" especially when jumping on smaller platforms. I think a tighter movement system would fit a platformer better.

One last thing, I noticed some flickering and clipping textures in the background at times and the camera transitions were a bit too fast in some locations. But these are small nitpicks which are understandable for a demo and I'm sure they'll be fixed.

I'm curious to how you'll expand the game and I wish you good luck!

Fun and addicting. The controls felt pretty smooth, the force and bounciness of the player character felt just right.
Also that last level was a pain to complete, in a good way.

Impressive work for having been made in 72 hours, was really fun figuring out how everything clicks together.

I adore your artstyle, and this has to be my favorite pack of yours. Keep up the good work!

Loved it! Pretty original idea and good execution.

Clever premise, I loved how many good puzzles you were able to create with such limited space to maneuvre and the numbers of jumps. The art looks great, those split second screens after you break your leg are a nice touch.

I'll abstain from mentioning the controls since other people already did :)

Overall amazing job and I wish you good luck on your next projects!

That plane is mesmerizing to look at..

My god, this was more intense than any survival game I've ever played. Who knew hitting a small rectangle could be so disastrous for one's career?
In all seriousness though, really awesome game. It's impressive how much you've fitted in it for this amount of time.
My only negative feedback is that resources keet draining while working on history/art and it was a bit hard to estimate how much you'd lose while doing the minigame, since it stacks with the values that are showed when standing by the table/pc.

I love how you took the literal meaning of the theme, awesome game!

Awesome game, with an impressive amount of stuff. I really like the bolts, although the timing on them feels weird sometimes.
They could be an interesting mechanic if you could control the rotation speed and gain momentum when jumping off one.