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She was a flashlight? Wtf?! Both times I got her she bugged out so I figured it wasn't worth it. I even have footage of her bugging out too. UGH! Yeah you might want to fix that too lol.

I did end up beating the demo, but man I felt like everything was hard to do. I really love the atmosphere, but gameplay seems a bit weird. I think the camera impacted me the most during... everything I did. The camera angle you had on your twitter page might be better, I'm unsure. For sure the game needs to be brighter. I could not see anything without going the extremes in the settings. Parrying I couldn't do because it was too hard, rolling is fine, but really you can just walk away from a lot of things. the Ogre hits you once and you get bugged until you die. I'd say good job on the first public demo, but the bugs I came across and roughness for the controls made it feel like work sometimes. Keep up the good work and keep improving!

CODE Bunny is a short and sweet game with addictive gameplay! Great and art design and a good story! I recommended it! Especially when it was my first game I bought! Check out my video on it!

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I really liked this game's exploration, but I felt the combat need a little bit of work. I managed. It's a fun game overall and I backed the game... I was the 9th I believe lol.

I played the demo and you know I enjoyed it! My video has all the critiques I had! Quack.

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