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I did end up beating the demo, but man I felt like everything was hard to do. I really love the atmosphere, but gameplay seems a bit weird. I think the camera impacted me the most during... everything I did. The camera angle you had on your twitter page might be better, I'm unsure. For sure the game needs to be brighter. I could not see anything without going the extremes in the settings. Parrying I couldn't do because it was too hard, rolling is fine, but really you can just walk away from a lot of things. the Ogre hits you once and you get bugged until you die. I'd say good job on the first public demo, but the bugs I came across and roughness for the controls made it feel like work sometimes. Keep up the good work and keep improving!

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Your feedback is great. I will for sure be working overtime on those bugs for the next update. I will  consider lighting adjustments as well, but I'd like to make sure you feel this way after rescuing the fairy? She serves as a "flashlight" through out all the levels, but it isn't required for you to get her, so the player can actually miss her and go through the game with no additional light. 

Unfortunately, I had to change the camera system for technical reasons. Having it behind the player worked better for large enemies (the troll), whereas the 3/4 angle was really bad for boss fights.

With all that said, thank you for playing.

She was a flashlight? Wtf?! Both times I got her she bugged out so I figured it wasn't worth it. I even have footage of her bugging out too. UGH! Yeah you might want to fix that too lol.