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This is a really awesome software tool that I could someday use to make certain 2D games pop out with DEPTH. If there is one feature missing that would be beneficiary is the ability to save the laigter setup as a template file so then users and artists would be able to reload the exact lighting setup for any sprites in production.

I have to agree, Blender 2.8 is now available. Possible compatibility-breaking bugs may occur if the plugin is used in the latest version.

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What was really challenging was that I've joined this jam a week later after the jam started. This gave me a very limited amount of time, but me and my team managed to pull it off.

This was all done while learning more on how to make games with the Godot Game Engine.

Any ideas or thoughts of what new features should be added in the later future can go here... : )

Hello Everyone! Hope you enjoyed the short little game that was made for the Low Rez Challenge. If you have any information or feedback you like to share about how this game went or what should have been done better, please comment away with critical information.

Also, I was planning on remaking this game sometime in the future with more features, if you have any suggestions on what could make this game stand out from the casual SHMUPS, please post them in a separate topic titled: Ideas of Improvements.