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lucas cordeiro

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Great concept! but it's hard omg, or maybe I'm not fast enough haha

Very fun and polished, congrats! It looks awesome

cool idea and execution, fun game! :)

Good job on the scoping for a first game jam, very clean good-looking simple game. Hoping you'll add more to it in the future, maybe faster dropping sushi, more platforming action etc. :)

It's pretty cool idea, fun to play! Just need to work on the game balance and performance issues I guess

thanks a lot! :)

cool setting, great graphics! not finished yet, might comment again later

thanks for playing! :)

thank you! :)

got really into the puzzle, great job! level 6 is so cruel haha had to start over, let's see if I can finish... I feel the need to take notes of each level to remember what they are gonna be later

cool idea and execution! :)

cool interpretation of the theme and concept!

really cool and relaxing! maybe some more explanation about each trinket in the description would be nice

great job with level design and visuals! just a feedback for the beginning, i know it's dark on purpose, but sometimes it's kind of hard to know where to go next

This is really cool! actual fun game

maybe just some fine tuning in the jump and shooting controls, sometimes it's hard to land exactly where you want, and you can't shoot when you're very close to something

Really cute graphics, good job :)

love the idea and the art style! maybe just needing some fine tuning in the jump mechanic and general difficulty

The kung fu animations are cool and breaking is stuff is really satisfying~

Game Title/URL: Samsara

Pitch/Information: A bomberman-like arcade game where time only passes when you move, and each new level brings back the bombs you dropped in the previous. Try to get as many cycles as you can.

I'd like feedback on: I have many things I wish i added to the game, but curious about what people could suggest, and also checking if the idea is any fun

Great idea and cool art style concept!

Great idea, great execution, just a little bit hard to keep track where you haven't been yet. Really awesome jam game

Really good!!

this is really really good!

good job, its really pretty

what font did you use in the game? It looks really nice

loved it! my favorite thing is the noise when the letter move XD

This is great, thank you!

great idea and fun gameplay! :)

This game made my day today! What a creative idea and clean execution. Laughed so much

Interesting concept and fun dialog! :)

It's so cute, omg. Good job!

The tutorial is already so fun. Great movement and control ideas!

Really cool and creative!

thank you so much for playing and giving feedback! :)

simple mechanic well executed! even with a simple task, you get invested in winning the level and the risk/reward balance is really cool! The winning tune is really satisfactory to hear

very cool idea! the mechanics you came up with is kind of addictive and reflects the theme very well~ One suggestion is maybe have the characters be a little smaller and avoid each other, I know it's part of the fun, but sometimes it's hard to get to the character you need to take care of.

thank you so much for playing and for the comment!! glad you liked it :)

thanks for playing and for your feedback! :)

very fun idea! Chip is so cute! I loved the art for the dialog

this is a really cool idea! I liked the way you used the limited color palette. Hope you can expand it in the future