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thank you so much for playing and giving feedback! :)

simple mechanic well executed! even with a simple task, you get invested in winning the level and the risk/reward balance is really cool! The winning tune is really satisfactory to hear

very cool idea! the mechanics you came up with is kind of addictive and reflects the theme very well~ One suggestion is maybe have the characters be a little smaller and avoid each other, I know it's part of the fun, but sometimes it's hard to get to the character you need to take care of.

thank you so much for playing and for the comment!! glad you liked it :)

thanks for playing and for your feedback! :)

very fun idea! Chip is so cute! I loved the art for the dialog

this is a really cool idea! I liked the way you used the limited color palette. Hope you can expand it in the future

this is such a great puzzle! I didn't realize i had to hold on to the key until the very end, so I spent it early, now I'll have to start over... but it was super fun anyway

I really liked it! very good puzzle mechanics and it looks cute. My suggestion is just to adjust the camera a little, the movement is kinda unpredictable

this is very cool! I loved the concept and specially the art