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Coolstar422 (aka Kat)

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I stopped derping, and figured it out. It wasn't the website or your program, it was me, but it's all good now, and I'm really excited to start. Just for a note, how would I pronounce the Protag's name? I'm usually good at this, but I'm making sure.

I don't know if I'm doing something wrong, but halfway through the download it says it was interrupted. My internet is surprisingly excellent. If I tell it to resume and it finished in a second. I open the file and it says it's invalid, then closes out. Do you think it's my computer? I've downloaded visual novels on here before, and it's not like I don't have space.

Wow... I absolutely loved this visual novel. It's very interesting. Wonderful art, good character development, and a nice storyline. On my first play through I picked Florien and I enjoyed it. Although I suddenly found myself loving Yvin and developing a crush on him (embarrassing to say here... but hey... honesty...) and when I finished the game, I definitely wanted to play Yvin's route. I'm surprised I pronounced his name right the first time. Which reminds me. Very creative names, I love them. (Did you have a inspiration for the names, or were they random?) I'm not even going to try and make this 'review' look professional. I was a good game, and I enjoyed all of it, even the puns. I look forward to playing Magical Otoge Anholly! (P.S. I thought the Bunny Slime and the Ghosts were the cutest things I've ever seen.)