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I don't know if I'm doing something wrong, but halfway through the download it says it was interrupted. My internet is surprisingly excellent. If I tell it to resume and it finished in a second. I open the file and it says it's invalid, then closes out. Do you think it's my computer? I've downloaded visual novels on here before, and it's not like I don't have space.

Oh that's weird, for what platform are you trying to download it?

It may be the servers that weren't working properly and that would explain why the download failed. I can't do nothing about that since that goes from part.

Could you try downloading it again from the beginning? Make sure you delete all previous data. Maybe it failed midway and got corrupted. I'm sorry for that, once again, it could have been a problem in servers or something. If the problem keeps going I'll try to upload a new version again just in case, although when I test them they seem to work just fine, but you never know.

Thank you for reporting this and sorry for the inconveniences.

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I stopped derping, and figured it out. It wasn't the website or your program, it was me, but it's all good now, and I'm really excited to start. Just for a note, how would I pronounce the Protag's name? I'm usually good at this, but I'm making sure.

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Ah, glad to know it wasn't nothing bad. Better that way. Hope you enjoy reading the novel now.

About the main character, it would be pronunced as "KEE-ar-awn", it's an Irish name: