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i how to do the in the with th ebird and the kill mne

Good:                                                        The Premise

You'd go into a room and turn back to find something you've never seen before.

Bad:                                                         Sprint meter and text felt out of place.

 Although the premise was good the way the story was   executed didn't feel right, maybe I missed something but   the demon guy felt very out of place even with all the   ritual stuff around.

 Whenever I got close to a wall with the flashlight the way   the light would reflect was very out of place

I've tried making games before and never finished so I can kind of understand what it's like to make a game and try to get all the details down. I reckon with enough time your games will turn out a lot better, I haven't played your other games so I don't know if it's just horror that's your weak point but whatever it is you'll definitely improve.

Hopefully I didn't come off rude in any of that, I think I'll check out some of your other games as they look pretty cool. Good luck on your game making journey.


this is half life alyx but free its basically the same... right? i haven't played hla but it has to be the same