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Thanks again for your feedback! I can imagine that the camera movement is a bit nauseating for some, so I will add a setting to reduce the automatic camera tilting a bit.

Sound is definitely there; if not, check the sound settings. Otherwise, we'd be happy to see a log file.

Very frantic. Love how polished this is, even though it felt a bit too easy? At some point nobody was attacking me anymore, and I didn't know what to do. ;) In any case, this borders on professional product already.

Thanks a lot for the extensive feedback! I watched your video and enjoyed it. :-)

We definitely want more monsters in the game, but yeah, there are only 2 in it right now. Hopefully we can fix that soon ...

Thanks for the feedback! I think I fixed the delay when using the F key. We will also try to add more things to find!

Very awesome shader effect - I love camera experiments like these. I guess you use 3 cameras? Would be cool if they had a bit more "meaning" - for example, left click shoots to the left, right to the right, and both or middle click shoots forward...

Needs a score at the Game Over screen!

Thanks for playing and making a video! The orbs are just for spending some light in these dark halls...

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Thanks - similarities to Thief might be intended. ;-) Being able to grab ledges is just a series of raycast checks I do whenever the player presses the space bar. After that, I disable gravity and move the character controller the intended way until they reach the spot. If you need specific details, just ask!