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Alright, thank you for your time.

ok how do I get the script so I can get other gsames

I goYes I right clicked but I dont see properties and how do I give linux permission to install apps?

I'm still confused, is there a video or tutorial made by you going step by step?

On a Chromebook? if so where is this?


I'll keep that in mind

I really like this game, some of the boss fights are too hard for me to beat, but I love when bosses aren't easy to beat and I have to find different ways to beat the bosses.

Also Im playing this on a Chromebook with linux beta installed, but I don't know how to run Linux files so I got Wine emulator and installed the windows version. But anyways keep up the good work.

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 but what do you think when it says that ☝️

I think i'm doing it correctly but this showed up

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I know that if you go to chrome://flags, you can turn on gpu acceleration on a chromebook. Also is there a guide for wine?

Thank you for the link.

is there a guide for  the wine based emulators?

Im on a Chromebook right now and I can install apks and I can enable Linux. But I still have to find a way to play games on Linux tho.

Can you make a Linux version?

hey how's development going?

and keep up the good work most people in this chat seems pretty rude towards your joi

That's ok i'll search it up. The Ubuntu download process isn't working can't pass the third step

Forgot all about APKs. Do you know any program that will work on ( Chromebook ) Linux that can extracted .7z files? and also thanks for replying

hey, yes i'm still looking for a way to install it. I'll try that way but how do you get Ubuntu

also do you know how to install .7z files? or do you extracted it since z stands for zip.

using Chromebook btw

I have a problem I cant complete step 2 to for the download process for Linux here it is 

1) Open a terminal window
2) cd to LifePlay directory (e.g. cd ~/Downloads/LifePlay_2_14_Linux/)
3) chmod +x
4) Run

it says this.. (second image)

here is my folder.. ( first image) 

someone help plz

I need help I don't know how to play this game in Linux, using Chromebook BTW. I have Linux installed but don't know the commands.

how do you install this on linux? using chrombook btw

Idk if anyone asked this but will you ever add pregnancy to the game?

Would you ever add pregnancy to the game?

When do you think you will update it

OK thx 

Hey the game crashes a lot I'm using a Galaxy A10e

The sex animations only show Queen's blowjob scene and it very choppy I'm on android

Is there another update coming it's a very good game

You might need more space happens with my phone sometimes, it shows I have enough space but it wants more space

As soon as I finish a battle or begin it crashes and when I encounter someone on the map


I need help Plz

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The The game keeps crashing I'm useing a Galaxy A10e I dont know if my phone is the problem or the game.

When's the next update

Is this game finished?

ok thanks

If you ever get the time can you get an android version?