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Nice! Thank you for your help!

Hello! Thank you for your comment!

I have written Terms of use now on my user profile page, can you check it and tell me what you think?

Hi! Yes, you can email me here:

Thanks! I am glad you like my music.

Good luck with your game!

Thank you very much!

Hello! Yes you can use this music for a commercial project.

Fun little game!

Yes you can! Glad you like it!

Thank you very much!

Thanks! I'm glad to hear that!

Thanks! I am glad you like it!

Thanks! Glad you like it! 

Thank you very much! I am glad you like my music! 
After buying the music you are free to use it in as many games and videos you want.

Hi! I played the game today. It was fun and run very smoothly! Nice work! But I was not so good at it!

Thank you very much!

This was fun! Great work!

Yes you can do that! Glad you like it!

Thank you!  You can use it in a game or in a video.

Hi biggaz!

I am glad you like the music.

You are allowed to use the tracks in your videos.

I am glad you like it!

Hello !

Yes you can!
I am glad you like my music!

Very fun game!

5 Instrumental Steampunk music tracks for your Steampunk game or video.

Check them out here:

Very fun game! 

Nice work!

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If you need creepy spooky music for any game or video then this package may be for you!

It contains 8 Creepy Instrumental music tracks in high quality wav format.

Each track as a full version and one shorter version that loops perfectly.

More info about Monster Party

Thanks! I am glad you like it!

Thank you! :-)

I'm glad you like the music!

Thanks! Glad you liked it!

Thank you! :-)