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Hello everyone!

I am  freelance writer with couple years experience, usually writing visual novel scripts but I am open to other genres as well. I have a variety of samples over here:

I also can write NSFW content.

I am looking for interesting projects and job opportunities; happy to indulge in rev-share, depending what your project is like. Also, if you have very short story to write (1 to 5k words) or need a proofreader, can do that for free.

You can reach me via Discord at Angeh#0412

It all works now - and no worries! Glad it could be fixed easily.

Getting an error while I try to download the build. It says 'invalid upload'.

Really well made little game :3 Truly enjoyed it.

Played it on my channel ~

Hey, I enjoyed this little game! Made a smol video on it :3 I felt like the female main character was extremely oblivious tho 

Hey, I really liked the idea even though the story telling confused me at times. I did a little video on it: 

Doing a series on this with a friend watching me play & commentating with me, on our join channel, we both LOVE the aesthetics of the game ~ 

Ahh, it's a sweet little game! I hope you will be able to keep working on it! I did a small little video on the demo ~ 

Hey, a great project! I really loved the aesthetic and story itself, so far at least. I did a little playthrough of it~ 

Loved this little adventure, great job! Good luck with your future projects :D