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Control Shift Developers

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Nice, you'll get on steam easily, I'm sure of it :)

Since the last time I saw it on makegamessa, you've made a lot of progress! Looks really great! Jealous :)

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We're excited to announce our first public demo of Control Shift! This is a game we've been developing in our free time, and hope that we'd get some constructive feedback from the public. Grab it for free here!

Control Shift is a local multiplayer game, designed to test your strategic mind and reflexes in battles against your friends. It is a very vague mash up of Splitoon and Babo Violent. There are various game modes, including:

  • Control - Our vanilla game mode, all about taking control of as much territory as possible.
  • Invasion - A survival type mode, to be played with our against your friends.
  • Capture the Flag - This should remind you of a typical capture the flag game, but with our spin on it. Running over enemy territory while holding their flag will damage you, so it's vital that you are in control if you want to score!

The game allows for up to 4 players in local multiplayer versus and co-op modes - and controllers are recommended for game play. The currently supported platforms are Windows, Linux and Mac.

A Youtuber was really nice to do a Let's Play of Control Shift, which you can watch here:

Feedback and suggestions are very welcome!

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If you have any suggested features, feel free to let us know about them here!

You can find our task board here, where you can upvote features you would like to see in game: Trello Board

Created a new topic We hope you enjoy the game

Let us know if you enjoyed the game!