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maybe metal reinforced structures that sharks can't bite through because by end game the shark becomes more of a nuisance instead of a real threat and possibly add buoyancy just to make sure that the metal structures aren't op

i don't seem to be able to play it when ever i load up the game it brings me to what appears is supposed to be a  title screen and then does nothing else

i've hit the surprise for hitting 1k at hard mode and its ******* beautiful

YES  i guess it was just me sucking

do i just suck at this game or is everyone else finding it difficult to hit 100,000

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BTW my high score RN is 116,877 

64 bit master  race :P

i love the game its fun its simple and its easy to make a competition on who can get the highest score i also like that it encourages you to keep a combo because it gives you an extra life

it wont le me play it